Manjaro crashes after connecting to wifi

I’ve had this problem before with Arch Linux, the same. To put it in context, I have a bit old laptop, Asus R540MA-GQ757, and I was trying to install Arch before, which I couldn’t because of what happens to me right now, the laptop stops and doesn’t respond to anything when it connects to the WiFi. On Arch I could connect to Internet by tethering, because this laptop doesn’t have ethernet. The network card is the RTL8821CE. I don’t know if the problem is the network card or what, because on Kali works perfectly find the WiFi. I hope someone can help me, thank you in advance.

So … the wireless appears to work, but the system freezes upon connection to your local network?

Does your i3wm tag on this thread indicate thats the ISO you have used?

If so, I might suggest trying some others as that is a community spin … and it may be especially worth trying different ISOs with different kernels.

Now already I’ve tried all the oficial ISOs from Manjaro and none work, in all ISOs when I try to connect to a WiFi its freeze the whole system.

Did you install an extra driver?

I was searching about that, but I cannot download it from internet, it’s posible to install it from a USB?

Is this your post? Arch crash after connect to WiFi during installation / Installation / Arch Linux Forums . If it is it doesn’t look like to be so clear-cut as ‘I switch wifi on and it crashes’.

The Asus R540MA-GQ757 has a weak Celeron N4000 with Intel UHD graphics with shared memory and only 4GB ram. If the OS is installed without swap this may have something to do with you running out of ram.

I’d suggest starting by installing xfce minimal and a 8.5GB swap partition and going from there. The laptop was actually sold with Endless OS so there should be a way to get this going.


Ok, thank you, I will try. I hope this works for me.