Manjaro complete crash

Stuck in emergency mode after failed start to load kernel modules. Dependency failed to located file systems. I can’t type my password to get to maintenance. Please help.

“fail to mount /boot/efi”

can you please , check with USB live manjaro ,
open a terminal and report

inxi -Fza 
sudo parted -l

have you windows installed ?

I only have manjaro on the computer and I am not an adept at this. I have a live USB but I don’t know how to boot it. I can’t type anything and the keyboard seems to not work at all.

Can you at least access the BIOS?

  1. When did you install manjaro on your system ?
  2. Do you have any files on this computer you have to backup ?
    if yes then use the live environment to access the disk where you have the files ( and yes I know your keyboard doesn’t work) you can use the mouse at least to drag and drop the necessary files you wanted to backup into a different storage device. I am sorry to inform you this but you must have a new device to store your necessary backup. Your pc or laptop, pen-drive for live environment and new storage device for storing your backup are necessary equipment for recovery
    Then what you can do is simply a fresh install if you don’t have any problem with it…
  3. Can you try that live environment environment on a different machine to test the keyboard if you have a hands on just to make sure that the iso you used to download wasn’t corrupted or had any sorts of fault ?
    I hope you recover from your issue soon
    Have a great time ahead :slight_smile:

Edit: If you are thinking on how to access the disk then I guess you have a dolphin application(on a live environment) where you can access disk on you computer. Navigate using your mouse to the correct disk and folder and open up another instance of dolphin where you will open up your new storage device. Simply drag and drop and you are ready to go

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You will need a wireless or wired keyboard to connect to your laptop then login to the system on the disk on your laptop via a terminal. If you are new I know this might look scary but every bit of fear will be removed once you use terminal more and more…
I don’t know how to log into the system however :sweat_smile: from a live environment so any one if you have the answer do let us know

You can type your root password to get into maintainance mode from the screen you are showing off in the photo above

You can look at this video from 3:20 where you will see similar approach
Hope this works