Manjaro compiles qt/c++ projects based on gcc much slower than mint

After installing manjaro’s system (including KDE and gnome), I tried to compile a previous Qt solution (with qml and c++) project and found that the compile time is significantly higher compared to Mint and windows:

  1. win 5min.
  2. mint 5-6min
  3. Manjaro 8-10min

I did some of the following experiments, which pretty much eliminated the influence of the following factors

  1. Desktop effects
  2. graphics card drivers
  3. opengl settings
  4. Third-party library
  5. storage media (I have 2 ssd)
  6. Plugins for qt
  7. linux kernels
  8. desktop environments
  9. compiler versions

I’m just about to migrate from mint to manjaro, personally I still like manjaro, this phenomenon does not match my perception, I also expect manjaro to be superior in performance, can any expert tell me if this phenomenon is normal, or I have something wrong, or what can be optimized I ignored.

With information on my installation of manjaro:
KDE Plasma: 5.19.5
KDE Framework: 5.74.0
Qt: 5.15.1
Kernel: 5.18.11-1

A bit more information might help others assist you here:

toe-MAH-toe vs toe-MAY-toe.

Did you set your MAKEFLAGS correctly?

Manjaro does not set them out of the box, so you should set them yourself with -j$(nproc) to use all your cores.


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Are you using KDE on Mint or Cinnamon?

Last time I checked Mint only supported 3 DE’s Cinnamon, MATE and xfce.

That would mean you are comparing different desktop environments. Try Mint Cinnamon vs Manjaro Cinnamon and see what results you get.

Please forgive me, as a newbie, not reading the rules carefully because I was in a hurry. , where should I seek help for such a similar question?

manjaro has cinamon? I only found KDE, XFCE and GNOME,Where can I get cinamon

Too late. It’s removed now because you haven’t done your homework for this thread yet. :sunglasses:

Yes, and several other Community Editions.

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That’s no excuse. If you’re in such a hurry you put yourself first and ignore others wishes, no one is going to be in a hurry to help you.

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Interesting, but without any specific compilation commands or flags (which you have to be sure they’re all the same across OSes), nothing can be drawn as conclusion.

What’s weird is that win is the fastest in your case, which is outright impossible if you’re using the same gcc (version and flags) as windows’ process creation is much more complex and slower in general. The case could be understood if you use vcc instead, that one is optimized better for faster compilation on windows (no idea what technique is used, but I don’t think it’s the same make spawning gcc or another make hierarchically).

One thing you can do is to check whether the resulting binary is of the same size (among Linuxes only). If they’re not, then you know they’re not executing the same command.

yes, I’ve confirmed it take effective through HTop.

I also used cinamon on manjaro, but with the same results, it’s still slow, and there seem to be other minor issues with manjaro’s cinamon desktop environment!

You were in a hurry over a supposed (you STILL haven’t provided ANY relevant information whatsoever) 3 to 5 minute compile time difference???

Sheesh, this thread is a classic definition of Topics Going Nowhere.


Sure,Our project is industrial software, running in a equipment, 3 to 5 minutes delay per compile for our current project level represents twice as slow efficiency compared to mint, and more impact in team work, which determines the choice of development environment.

I don’t have a clue as to the exact cause of the slowness, at least I think I’ve ruled out other causes, and only located the difference between Manjaro and Mint, sorry if it’s really not the right place to post it.

Techhut just this month has been doing videos comparing distros using the same Desktop environments, you may want to give them a watch.

thank u, i will watch