Manjaro commands for emulator

Hi All,
As i am new to Manjaro i have found the commands for the emulator slightly different from linux mint can you give me some advice on where to find terminal commands and basic info on the distro.

Thanks Ian

If you’re talking about terminal commands, there’s no difference really. They are standardized UNIX commands.

If on the other hand you’re talking about package management, then yes, that is different, because Manjaro is based upon Arch while Mint is a derivative of Ubuntu, which itself is based upon Debian.

You’ll find most information about pacman ─ the package manager ─ at the Manjaro and Arch Wikis. :arrow_down:


or with gnome you use zsh and not bash ?


Do you mean the terminal emulator?

Here’s a cheatsheet that will help you coming from using apt:


Yes sorry, i meant terminal emulator. I will have a look!.

Thanks Yochanan