Manjaro CLI (Architect) Can't detect Windows Partition


I am trying to install a basic CLI Manjaro installation with base packages only and no desktop. I have plan to install Deepin 20 desktop (DDE) over this barebone installation.

I have created following partition prior using Gparted Live CD:

/dev/sda2: 512 MB FAT32 partition to use as efi boot device (/boot/efi)
/dev/sda3: 2 GB Swap
/dev/sda4: 123 GB ext4 to use as root partition (/)

I did that so that I don’t need to partition disks in CLI mode.

I can install basic CLI system with no desktop and grub bootloader is installed. But during installation it’s saying something about os-prober etc.
I guess it can’t detect my Windows installation properly which is in another disk (256 GB SSD).

After install and reboot, Computer directly booting into Manjaro CLI, no boot menu and no grub window!

How to fix this problem??
why Manjaro Architect can’t detect Windows partition when Manjaro desktop versions can do this fine?

My Disk Layout is:

Disk 0 - 1 TB HDD (Where I am going to install Manjaro CLI) - I already allocated 800 GB to a NTFS partition for keeping data, remaining space (131 GB) will be used for Manjaro

Disk 1 - 256 GB SSD (Windows 10 installed here)

Usually this happens when Windows and Linux are installed on different modes. One is in UEFI mode and the other is in BIOS mode. Check that.

how to do this?
anything to do with partition method?

Is it the same issue as

And does the solution as provided there also helps you?

After booting into freshly installed Manjaro system and run update-grub command again solved the issue.
Issue was: during Architect installation I had an USB drive (/dev/sdb) attached with my PC. After removing the USB, update-grub command can detect Windows :slight_smile:

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