Manjaro Cinnamon and Wayland?

Hello everybody,

I guess we can’t use Manjaro Cinnamon with Wayland for now (still under xorg), isn’ it ? Do you think that Wayland will be supported by Cinnamon one day ? I looked for information on the net but I don’t find any valid answers. So, Linux mint developers could they go to Wayland with next LTS from Ubuntu (Ubuntu 22.04) or Cinnamon 6 ? Xorg will no be eternal.


Can you try Cinnamon with Wayland in VM? But I know little, Nvidia driver does not support Wayland well.

It depends on which app you need. Not all apps support Wayland. :point_left:

@Zesko: I can try to use Manjaro Cinnamon with Wayland for Intel card only but I don’t know if it is possible.

Not possible. You can find many sources telling you the same.

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