Manjaro Cinnamon 16.10

I am happy to announce the availability of manjaro-cinnamon 16.10:


  • Kernel Linux 4.4.28
  • Cinnamon 3.0.7
  • Nemo 3.0.6
  • Firefox 49.0.2
  • Thunderbird 45.4.0
  • Libreoffice-still 5.1.6
  • Gimp 2.8.18
  • Pragha music player
  • VLC media player
  • Manjaro Printer
  • Hexchat
  • Pidgin Instant Messenger
  • gtk- and Cinnamon-themes Vertex Maia, Vertex-Maia-Dark and Vertex Maia Square


  • Manjaro Welcome
  • Manjaro User Guide
  • Installer Calamares
  • Manjaro Settings Manager
  • Mugshot
  • Pamac
  • Yaourt
  • Isousb
  • Gparted
  • Baobab Disk usage analyzer

Congrats mate.

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Torrent for it created and uploaded!

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Are plans in motion to port Mints x apps over in the future I wonder?
I know that yes by all accounts there is no point to x apps if you think about it, they are gtk3 versions of gtk2 apps but in terms of functionality xed is far better then gedit and xplayer is better than the current totem.

From the AUR you can get xed / xed-bin / xed-git aswell as xplayer / xplayer-git:slight_smile:

I meant in the main repos not in AUR

I have not been planning on maintaining them, sorry. Somebody would have to do it and keep doing it…

Understood, though it will be nice IMHO.

How many packages are we talking about besides those two?

there are 5 x apps in total.
I mean one could package the mate versions of gedit and totem instead.
I was just wondering as I know MATE is a mess right now in arch :frowning:

hmmm - you got me interested (dammit! :wink: ) I’ll look into them a bit and consider it - @Ste74 what is your take on this?

We’re talking about these obviously: Xed, Xviewer, Xreader, Xplayer and Pix.
However I think it will be just a question of time for them to get adopted by Archlinux.
I’ll test them in any case…

Do you mean ? You speak for mate de ?

Mint is apparently using them for Mate and Cinnamon now. The’re gtk3 and supposed to work in any environment… (budgie and friends? … :wink: )

fork , fork and fork :slight_smile: … the x app are only app rewrite from mint team ? …
First released a Mate edition after is possible debate for it :wink:@MadmanRB you can also check here if users are interested :wink:


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Well I do think the xapps have some good reasons to exist.
Firstly, totem sucks.
Secondly the client side decorations of stuff like gedit are out of place and feel dis jointed.
Thirdly i think they are trying to make cinnamon even less dependent on gnome tools (a good thing in my opinion)
I think the mint team is honestly making the best effort of all the desktops out there in cinnamon, each one of the other destops sans XFCE and MATE are all trying and failing to reinvent the wheel.
I mean look how long it took KDE and gnome shell to be usable in the last few years.
Plasma 5 has only just stabilized and it took 5 years to get gnome shell at least usable.
Sure this is forking in the end but its the kind of forking that has worked much.
One cannot argue how much a piece of junk nautilus or totem have become over the last few years.

Well , honestly i don’t know this x-app well … let me see … :slight_smile:

Congrats cinnamon. :innocent:

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What is the average memory usage for the cinnamon desktop? I like it i would like to convert but dont wont to sacrifice mem on my below average laptop.

You can refer to this user:

Processes: 183 Uptime: 1 min Memory: 488.5/7461.4MB

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