Any auto-installer of sorts for Wordpress(self-hosted)?

Yeah, I saw that one, confused me a bit and was also confused on how to make new pages my home page. I’ll see if I can figure out anything

Hi ! For self hosting server with automated installation of WordPress (of any other Web software), I use :

For WordPress blogs or site , if I use Elementor Page Builder with Kadence theme or Hello theme (the latter when I use Elementor Pro), if it’s e-commerce, I use Woostify theme.

For safety, I use NinjaFirewall and for SEO, SEOPress. (more WP security hint’s on a tuto of mine - translation by clicking the flag)

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I too had script for lamp stack…

That did the trick! Had to sacrafice a few things with the free plan but I got what I wanted, thanks!

Nice ! What combo did you use ?

I’m back!
Anyway, I did the Kadence theme with Elementor Free.

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