Manjaro Budgie extremely slow to boot after update

Hi everyone,
I have recently updated and Manjaro Budgie and it’s now taking close to 2 minutes to boot versus the 15 to 20 seconds it use take.
I can’t see anyone else with this issue in the Manjaro forums (please let me know if I’m wrong)
After 1:52 minutes the message below briefly flashes then I’m at the login screen:

[ TIME ] Time out waiting for device /dev/tpmrm0

Looking at the Endeavour and Arch forums I can see the issue appears to be related to systemd.
I’m not an advanced linux user and I’m cautious of some the solutions suggested else where.

Arch & Garuda point towards masking the TPM target for systemd process, I’m not sure if there are implications with doing this on Majaro?

Endeavour seems to solve the issue by downgrading the systemd module

I a little unsure of the best option to resolve this issue, would anyone be able to help with some advise please?

This user fixed it already, he masked this device.

Besides your bootproblem, budgie has no longer official Manjaro support.

Thanks Kobald, I hadn’t spotted that post.
I should have known that TPM related to a hardware module, my laptop doesn’t have it so masking it won’t create any issues.
Also thanks for the heads-up re budgie :slight_smile:

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