Manjaro Breaks after updating keyrings

After upgrading the keyrings to the last version (20210616-1 for arch keyring and 20210622-1 for manjaro keyring) the system breaks some of the apps, like the “Dash to Dock”, and even once broke the whole system (didn’t boot anymore). Reinstalled about 4 or 5 times already. Writing now from a new system, can’t update/upgrade anything because it won’t let me do so until i upgrade the keyrings

i7 7700hq
nvidia gtx 1050

Welcome here, @sdw2302,

not much info about your system, what you did exactly during installation, what error messages you are facing etc., hard to help you with so little information…

Okay, here’s my specs:
GTX 1050
250GB SSD and 1TB HDD

So I installed manjaro with propietary drivers on a 110GB partition on my SSD alongside with Windows 10. After installing, i wanted to install the base-devel packages and others, but it kept asking to upgrade the keyrings. If I did upgrade them, after reboot the X11 was changed to Wayland, had to change some settings, but that’s ok, but when opening some apps, like the Dash to Dock settings it kept showing errors. After a few reboots, it just stopped to boot into manjaro at all, just frozen at the spash screen. I’ll try to install it once again, and i’ll paste some errors in the next post

So, I once again installed manjaro gnome 21.0.7 and after updating and upgrading the keyrings and rebooting only once, the system didn’t load, frozen on spash screen

Not the Total information what @Wollie wanted.

How ever, since you have a Nvidia GTX graphics card

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