Manjaro bootsplash manager

I made a simple cli manager for bootsplash

It can:

  • Check if bootsplash is enabled and supported by current kernel
  • List installed themes
  • Enable bootsplash and change current theme
  • Disable bootsplash ( black screen or log at user’s choice )

Now user don’t have to change /etc/default/grub or /etc/mkinitcpio.conf directly

When user sets a theme, it will automatically syncronize HOOKS in mkinitcpio.conf with a list of all installed themes.
I also made a post-transaction hook for this:

In the near future I will made GUI


Really great job good sir. Just encountered a minor bug myself, where the hooks line was incorrectly set up this way, failing at rebuilding init images:

HOOKS="(base systemd autodetect modconf block keyboard sd-vconsole filesystems) bootsplash-gnome"

Most likely because I was using brackets (like arch upstream) instead of quotes. No big deal.

Just added it to the repos. Nice job! :+1:


thank you for reporting, i fixed that

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Thank you, I confirm now it works just great.

Another very minor thing, it’s that bootsplash-manager --status still states a warning about “current theme not found in hooks list…”, even when indeed the theme really is in the hooks list.