Manjaro boots into bios after trying to fix different issue

Hey everyone,
so today I got hit by this error: error:
file ‘/boot/vmlinuz-5.7-x86_64’ not found
error: you need to load the kernel first.

I tried to fix it following several similar issues here on the forum but after I restarted my computer instead of bootloader I see black screen and after a few seconds the systems boots into a bios.

I am able to boot into windows 10 install which is on the same drive and into manjaro iso on flashdrive. Also from the live manjaro I can see that data on the manjaro partition seems intact. Any suggestion what to do?

Thank you for any help in advance

Since your are saying that Windows and Manjaro are on the same disk are we talking legacy of uefi?

Did you do an Windows update lately or did you flash your bios?

Looks like there is something corrupted in your bootloader (grub?).

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the lack of information I posted the question by accident with just the first sentence so tried to give it atleast some structure as fast as I could.

I didn’t update Windows (barely use it) nor did I flashed bios. All started after normal restart. But I fixed the issue already, first I tried to restore the GRUB following the Manjaro wiki, updated all packages and then updated grub, and last thing I tried was updating the kernel to 5.7. None had any results and this kernel version was already installed, so I tried updating it to 5.8 and that for some reason worked and I am booted now.

Dont worry about it. Glad you figured it out and it works again.

Most of the time rebuilding grub is enough, but sometimes you need to do a little bit more.