Manjaro booting to black screen

Windows 10 and KDE Manjaro dual boot.
Boots to black screen with no errors after selecting Manjaro Linux in Grub bootloader.

I tried Deepin on Manjaro using a tutorial on Youtube (search " How to Install Deepin Desktop Environment in Linux Manjaro 18.0" on Youtube to find it as I can’t include links), but didn’t like Deepin. When I wanted to get rid of it, I booted to KDE and removed deepin package and everything that depended on it. (all the deepin applications, etc) I also removed lightdm. (big mistake??) I then deleted /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf as I removed lightdm. After rebooting, black screen. Windows 10 works fine still.

How do I fix this?

That is some old video - at least a couple of years - don’t ever trust video tutorials -which is not current.

That doesn’t sound like a reinstall - more like a reconfigure

Depending on your drive and commitment - if that is not present - you don’t - best option is to reinstall.

If you are in for the learning experience - you have a lot of manuel work to do - and I don’t believe any member on this forum are going to hold your hands - next best option - reinstall.

If you are still in for the learning experience - you have a lot of reading to do - starting point could be

Maybe this entry point on the Arch Wiki

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