Manjaro black screen upon boot up after updating gpu driver

Hi, as a shy and bad at CS stuff person, I mainly try fixing my issue by google-ing it. This time, I was trying to find why my gpu display ports always showed the “disconnected” status in xrandr since I was trying to get a dual monitor set up. I tried all I could find and lastly tried updating the gpu driver since that was the only(?) thing I hadn’t tried yet. So I searched the amd driver package guessed it was the xf86-video-amdgpu one and ran the sudo pacman -S for it and rebooted my computer.

And then I got the manjaro login loop problem. So I tried searching how to fix the issue. I found I could interact with the cmd with ctr+alt+f3. I first tried a sudo pacman -Syu, but it didn’t fixed it. After a bit, one of my friend tried to help me. He told me to run
sudo mhwd -a pci free 0300
but it said it was already installed, and then he told me to run
mhwd -l -d
to show which driver I had and then to run
sudo mhwd -f -i pci [name of the driver]
to force reinstall them. So i run the first command, see video-linux, video-modesetting and video-vesa and run the command to update those three.

Then, upon rebooting my pc to see the changes, I am now stuck at a black screen, though, thankfully, I can still access the cmd with the ctrl stuff. Then my friend found a forum post related to this new issue and tells me to run
sudo mhwd -f -i pci video-linux
and then
sudo pacman -S mesa lib32-mesa vulkan-radeon mesa-vdpau lib32-vulkan-radeon lib32-mesa-vdpau libva-mesa-driver lib32-libva-mesa-driver
but i still had the same issue. He then suggested I just try
sudo pacman -S xf86-video-amdgpu
However, it sadly didn’t fix the problem. So he told me to ask for help here. It isn’t the first time I break my manjaro, but i would like to avoid restarting to a new one again.

Many thanks if you know how to help me.

It is a known regression with the 6.5 kernel on some AMD APUs and GPUs. With 6.5.2 we added a fix for that.

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Thanks for replying, i tried downgrading to 6.4.12-1 because apparently 6.5 is a really recent build (i have no idea how i switched to it) but it doesn’t work sadly, and i can’t find 6.5.2 in the available kernels.

Hi again, i hadn’t thought about switching to the testing branch, so I did and I managed to be on version 6.5.2-1. I run a sudo pacman -Syyu but i still get a black screen on reboot.