Manjaro black screen after latest update

Hi Guys. New to this forums so if i’m missing anything let me know

So, I updated last night and when i rebooted all i got was a black screen. I have auto-login enabled so not sure if that is relevant.
I saw the new pam issue and have gone through the diffprog options and have edited the system-login file to added the a couple new lines, following a post from the unstable branch
making the changes here made it so i couldn’t log in (incorrect password) so i chrooted into it and changed the password which worked, so i am still able to use tty2

however i still have the issue of not being able to use anything with the GUI. with nomodeset i get an error from sddm saying that it failed to start. not sure if thats because of nomodeset or the actual issue?

If you need me to post anything, let me know. Thanks

EDIT: also i can’t get into the GUI on a liveusb either, have to go in through tty2 in that as well. have not had that issue before

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You arent supposed to add lines.
Only replace a module on the line if you happen to have a deprecated one.

(the post in unstable wasnt very explanatory because … well … its in Unstable.)
Handling pacnews or deprecated configuration is all a bit nuanced … there isnt a single rule and its all system-dependent.

As seen here:
System Maintenance - Manjaro Linux
and here:
Good tutorial around pacnew needed

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