Manjaro beats Ubuntu on gaming

Here’s the benchmark result of Batman Arkham Origins on Ubuntu and then Manjaro Xfce.

Batman Arkham Origins (Ubuntu 20.04).

Min: 2
Avg: 61
Max: 82

(Manjaro Xfce)

Min: 8
Avg: 91
Max: 137

I was thinking that I had to wait a new proton version but nop, just need to use a superior distro =)
Now it’s playable. I’m gonna benchmark CS:GO next. I think Manjaro will win again. Funny thing that was happening on CS:GO too is that the screen resolution was lower than the settings, I set in the game options to 1080p but on Ubuntu (and Linux Mint), the screen was in a lower resolution, like what? On Manjaro the screen resolution is perfect, it’s 1080p, and it looks like 1080p, as it’s supposed to be.

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Yeah, I used to use Ubuntu and so many games struggled to play via Steam on it. After I switched to Manjaro, things have been a lot smoother. And I ended up finding ProtonDB which made things even easier. :slight_smile:

Hummm. How is even possible that the average is way greater than the max? Or am I interpreting it wrong? :thinking:

You are not wrong. A median can in no way ever be greater than the max, as per definition the max is the maximum value. So i guess there’s a typing issue, probably just a mix up.

Well, in my experience, the distro does only make a minor difference in performance. It shouldn’t be that huge.
I guess the reason for this big difference are (driver) versions.
Ubuntu is usually a little older because it is not rolling release and they test stuff longer. Manjaro gets new software (and so drivers) faster in the repos.

So, if you are using Ubuntu LTS, the software versions will be very old (April 2020) and may give you bad performance, depending on your hardware. In this case, try the most recent version of Ubuntu (20.10) or if already using that try Ubuntu daily builds and later 21.04 when it comes out. With more recent packages versions, Ubuntu should give about the same performance like Manjaro.

If the difference is still big, see which system settings are different. If the systems are set up with about the same settings and about the same package versions, the performance should be about the same.

Ok C.S:GO benchmark:

Average framerate: 153.19 (Ubuntu 20.04)

Average framerate: 197.18 (Manjaro Xfce)

The distro should have good driver version no matter if it’s LTS or not. It’s not Debian, it’s Ubuntu. And yes the settings are the same.

Sure but every distro defines “good driver version” in a different way.
Ubuntu prefers STABLE and well tested drivers over max performance.
Manjaro prefers RECENT drivers.
Depends on what you need, both are “good” in their way. (Performance is not the only important thing on the world.)
Wait a little and Ubuntu will have updated driver versions too (but may need you to switch to a new Ubuntu release).

That makes more sense. Like, those single digit minimums couldn’t be right either. Anyway, good job and thank you for sharing.

Maybe I’ll install a Ubuntu daily version some day just to make sure, but I’ll not be surprised if Manjaro destroys again.

Another thing, I had screen tearing with Ubuntu, now it’s gone.

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