Manjaro as a vmware workstation guest

I have been using Manjaro Plasma for a year, but after updating to the new version I have a problem with dual monitors on vmware workstation.
It is randomly happened that dual monitors are working. I have to reinstall either open-vm-tools or vmtools provided by vmware to make it working. Even minimize cause this problem. I tried different kernels with the same results.
I have installed a completely new vm and the same. Doesn’t matter a gnome or plasma. Problem with dual monitors

Hmm - when assigning dual monitors to a vm - those are handled by the host operating system.

VMware is providing the dual monitor through virtualization - if it doesn’t function after an update of Manjaro - it is a VMware issue - contact VMware support.

I had some unexplainable issues with Windows 10 in a VirtualBox VM loosing network and thus I recently switched my virtual developer workstation station to VMware on a Manjaro host.

With any kernel above 6.6 on my Manjaro host VMware does not function.

And do I need to mention this?

VMware is unsupported on Manjaro - it is a commecial product with their own support channels.

And then you say that VMware Player is free to use - it is - but still a VMware product with their own support channel.

Not exactly. I have kernel TLS 6.1 installed and still have problems.