Manjaro Arm system on the Fairphone 3 (and 3+) conceivable?

Hi Manjaro Arm team,

I imagine you know the Fairphone company and their smartphone (see it). With the Fairphone, it is possible to install another O.S than Android. In the Faq there is a reply for this kind of thing:


Can I install an alternative OS ?

Answer from Fairphone company:

Yes, installing alternative Operating Systems is possible, once made available. We are looking forward to the respective communities to port their Operating Systems - such as Ubuntu Touch, Lineage OS, Sailfish OS or / e / - to Fairphone 3.

All Fairphone 3’s are shipped with the bootloader locked to ensure an attacker cannot compromise the device by installing their own system or boot image. If you decide to try an alternative Operating System or to contribute to the porting efforts, you can unlock the bootloader of your Fairphone 3 by following this step-by-step guide.

I think you have a shot at playing the Manjaro ARM team. As you have a smartphone operating system, it would be great to port the Manjaro ARM system on the Fairphone 3. Knowing that the features of it are better than the Pinephone and the price is cheaper than the librem5 . In addition, it is an ethical and repairable smartphone.

What do you think ?


I dont think anyone on the team has access to a device to develop on the fairphone.
So we probably cant see any such image until that happens.


Currently we’re in the process of testing libhybris for the devices which we and the Android boot manager team have.

Fairphone is not in the question as of now. It is very early to even say that we will get manjaro to work on any android device as it needs alot of R&D.

We do like the idea of getting it to work and we’re trying things but it will take time as we are all volunteers here and can only test during our free time.

Thanks for bringing up this topic maybe we will have more community users to pitch in and do some collective work.

Let’s hope for the best.

@spikerguy: OK, I understand. :wink:

I was interested by the pinephone, but unfortunately the specs of the device are too weak. In addition, it is more intended for testing than as an operational phone device for every day. I think I will have to wait for a long time.