Manjaro ARM Raspberry pi 4 version 22.06 Boot directory default to empty

Problem after install Manjaro 22.06 older directory ./boot is empty. New directory /run/home/user/boot is bad !!!
Error install argon and more program, new directory BOOT (/run/home/user/boot !)
Please back move to default boot directory ./boot.

Now sure what you mean.

Boot is and was always located at /boot

it never changed to any other location.

Kindly provide clear details on what you actually doing and what is the issue.


So this is an install, not an upgrade? The usual way to construct a system is to create /boot and /root partitions on the media. When the tar archive is restored to /root it contains the boot partition files. The boot partition remains empty until you move those files to the /boot partition. Is there a chance you didn’t do that step?

First install the linux Manjaro latest version, not upgrade old version Raspberry 4.

The tar archive restore to the /root partition has the boot partition files in /root/boot. They must be moved to the /boot partition as part of the installation creation, before you boot the new installation.

Install from image for Raspberry not lines fstab!!

Add lines PARTUUID=427273bc-01 /boot vfat defaults,noexec,nodev,showexec 0 0
mount boot = /boot
Repair to install image SD card from imager version Manjaro 22.06.

I hope that fixed your problem. When I create a Manjaro installation using Manjaro ARM Flasher utility the proper /etc/fstab entry for the /boot partition is automatically generated, I don’t have to add it.

For others working on similar issues, you can find the right PARTUUID value for your machine using the blkid command. It is not necessary to have a line for the /root partition; Manjaro will determine that as part of the boot process. However, if you use the Cockpit utility you will need to add a line for the /root partition in order for Cockpit to recognize that partition.

New install version 22.06 ARM Raspberry PI 4 8GB ram. Previous version 22.04 is O.K. /boot.
Install oficial image from RPi imager oficial ISO for Raspberry PI. New version 22.06 boot bad path and /boot empty.
New version install /boot = /run/home/media/user/boot. Default instalation, no user setup.

NO! Last oficial image 22.06 for Raspberry PI 4 /boot is default empty, path boot=/run/media/user/boot.
Previous version 22.04 is OK path /boot

I think you used Generic image.

Please use raspberry pi specific image.

Sounds like you have been using one of our first faulty 22.06 images. This was fixed just a day after it was released, where we released new 22.06 images.

The new images, available for download on the website, has a populated /boot and are mounted at boot.
Just tested this.


The issue you describe was fixed a day after the first 22.06 releases was done.

So please remove your current image file and re-download it from Manjaro Downloads and try again.


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