Manjaro ARM on Allwinner TV boxes

Has anyone been successful in getting Manjaro ARM to boot on a Allwinner (H6) TV box such as the T95 MAX?

I have tried booting Manjaro-ARM-mate-pine-h64-21.12.img with:


Configured as the dtb but none of them seemed to be booting, at least I didn’t see any output on my display. I have Armbian booting fine on this TV box using the sun50i-h6-tanix-tx6.dtb but its on Linux 5.11. It would be cool to get this TV box booting Manjaro ARM if it is using Linux 5.14+ because then we should be able to get 4K video playback under mpv, ffmpeg and gstreamer.

I don’t have a serial port wired up on my TV box yet so I’ve not been able to check that.

It might not work as Pine64-H64 must is using mainline-uboot with extlinux.conf
While Armbian must be using bootscript to make it work.

You can write bootscript like Armbian with the filenames used by Manjaro and it should work. I will try to find a cheap h6 box around but right now out of budget and also too much devices to add support for.

BTW How many Tv Boxes do you have :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah OK! I knows almost nuffink about u-boot but I expect I’m going to have to get my hands dirty with it sooner rather than later.

I will build a new Armbian image for my AW using the edge kernel and that should be new enough for me to test v4l2-request, hopefully


I’ve just got my Rock Pi 4 so I’m more interested in getting that set up now.

I’ve been interested in ARM Linux since the early 2000s. I was going to buy a Netwinder but didn’t. My first ARM Linux device was a SHARP Zaurus SL-C3000. I’ve still got it and even managed to install Arch on it a few years ago.

I’ve got 6 TV boxes and about as many SBCs going back to the Pandaboard. The original RPis didn’t interest me but I’ve got the RPi 4 8GB and the Jetson Nano. Everything else is just meh. If I can get 4K video playback and decent NVME speed on the Rock Pi 4, this will be the best affordable non Apple ARM device, I reckon.

Can you tell how to get libva-v4l2-request compile and work on h6 with kernel 5.15 or 5.15+
Its was success or not? Last 2 weeks im searching information from each forum. Armbian, github … seems to its no chance to get in work on last lts kernel( How about 5.10?
PS. I have khadas amlogic s905x3 and orange pi 3 lts and im trying to get systemwide hw accel h264. I know that in khadas there is no systemwide solution, but i thought that on h6 can do…)