Manjaro ARM on a Orange Pi 3 LTS or Orange Pi Zero 2

Is there a way to use a Manjaro base and swap out the kernel (including all of the kernel bits) for a unsupported SBC? I have Armbian running on these two SBCs with Debian Bullseye and a 5.17 kernel, but I prefer an Arch based system.

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We are currently working on support for the Orange Pi 3 LTS and Orange Pi 4 LTS.

Currently no plans for the Zero 2.

Swapping out rootfs and/or kernel stuff from other distro’s to Manjaro is not something we will officially support. But you can always try it.

i downloaded the OPI3-LTS XFCE image yesterday from the github and have been running it. It is very good and stable on the 5.17 kernel. It even reboots cleanly whereas my Armbian build would hang. The only problem I have is that my KVM (which works on RPI4 Manjaro XFCE) does not work. It sees the hub, but does not load the Logitech unified receiver attached to it, so I had to plug in a keyboard and mouse. Much thanks to the development team.

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Was support for the OPI 3 LTS dropped? When I use the image from github it is not there and my previous install no longer boots after upgrading the kernel.

It’s still under development.


Can you give details on which kernel was working fine and which kernel seem to have problem ?

I am moving OPI devices to linux pkg instead of linux-rc as there are some regression in 5.19-rc

I will have to test it manually myself on opi3-lts

The last kernel I had installed was 5.16 and I just tried to update a week ago. I will check by putting it in my RPI4.

We never had opi3 support with kernel 5.16… It was only added to 5.18 and 5.19 on our end.

I installed Manjaro onto the sd card on 20220507 according to manjaro-arm-version. the initrd image is from 05/28/2022.

The kernel on that image is linux 5.17.5-4. So yeah, maybe we got it added in 5.17…

I tested out the new images and found some kernel regression and it should be sorted out soon.

Thanks for reporting.

Thanks! I enjoy the quick response and the amount of ARM SBC systems that are supported by Manjaro.

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Last night I downloaded, burnt and tried to boot the current development image 20220801 (which BTW is there a way to get notified when a new image is ULd?). It fails to boot. I tried on two different sd cards (128GB Sandisk Ultra and 64GB Sandisk Ultra). I can see the files on the sd card in linux (manjaro/endeavour,armbian) and windows 11. I had Armbian running on a different sd card, but the panfrost drivers caused very bad display glitches.

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How to change kernel version for nano pi 3 lts?

You will get update on add/remove programs when there any update to the kernel.

Still no fix for wifi bluetooth and sound?

Which device?

Orange Pi 3 LTS

wifi and bluetooth is already working.

I have not checked the audio.

are you using linux-opi or linux kernel pkg ?

installed from github releases
Release 23.02