Manjaro ARM on a Orange Pi 3 LTS or Orange Pi Zero 2

Is there a way to use a Manjaro base and swap out the kernel (including all of the kernel bits) for a unsupported SBC? I have Armbian running on these two SBCs with Debian Bullseye and a 5.17 kernel, but I prefer an Arch based system.

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We are currently working on support for the Orange Pi 3 LTS and Orange Pi 4 LTS.

Currently no plans for the Zero 2.

Swapping out rootfs and/or kernel stuff from other distro’s to Manjaro is not something we will officially support. But you can always try it.

i downloaded the OPI3-LTS XFCE image yesterday from the github and have been running it. It is very good and stable on the 5.17 kernel. It even reboots cleanly whereas my Armbian build would hang. The only problem I have is that my KVM (which works on RPI4 Manjaro XFCE) does not work. It sees the hub, but does not load the Logitech unified receiver attached to it, so I had to plug in a keyboard and mouse. Much thanks to the development team.

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