in the /usr/bin/ Directory there is a File called Manjaro-Arm-Installer, i recently got the Majaro-Arm-Flasher confused with each other, but wanted to know if any of you know about a code in kate i could edit where to install the system by force to.
is my only options, and they are not my /dev/mmcblk1p1 or /dev/mmcblk1p2
I cannot get Xfce4 to ArmConditionNeedsUpdate or anything so my monitor goes blank if i just use Xfce in general, i like KDE Plasma, it really is a great Edition to Manjaro, but the old opi-800 image of xfce is version 22.07 which has manjaro-emmc-install, which does not support sbin or usr/local/bin which means i cannot copy over the old shell script to run it as sudo on the newer kernel.
i am currently running Manjaro-KDE-Plasma-opi-800-23.02
I am using Opi-800 (“Orange pi 800”)

You cannot install os in these.
They’re partition of spi and not drive and they must be only 4mb or 16mb which is only used for board firmware.

oh okay, interesting, i will keep that in mind, luckily i did not wipe these then, that would have been bad.

hallo friend how can install manjaro to my laptop,how can i make my flash disk to be bootable with manjaro,already i have windows 10 installed kindly give me a guide on it


You posted your request on the Manjaro ARM forum :alien:

Post your request on the Manjaro x86 forum :champagne: => here <=