Manjaro-arm-installer image for Rock64 problems

I have been attempting to use the manjaro-arm-installer to build a working minimal cli image for the rock64. The process fails every time with “execv(pacman) failed: Exec format error” being the first error. I am doing this from an up to date archlinux system.
Any suggestions? Are there instructions for building the image manually instead of using the script… I recently migrated both of my Raspberry Pi 4s to Manjaro from Raspbian and it has been a fantastic experience! So I am really hoping I can get Manjaro working on these Rock64 boards also.


I tried again to make an sd-card insallation for the Rock64. This time I used an up-to-date Manjaro install running on a Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB) and used a usb adapter for the sd-card. (Not that t should make a difference but this Pi boots directly from an SSD attached to USB3, so the internal micro-sd gets disabled by the bootloader.)
This time the first error message happens sooner.
-> Extracting aarch64 rootfs…
./root/: Could not stat root
./usr/: Could not stat usr

I’m really not sure what I am doing wrong. I made sure all of the dependencies are installed. Are there any systemd units that I should be making sure are active? Is the Rock64 still supported by manjaro-arm-installer?

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