Manjaro ARM for the new radxa Rock-5B device?

Hello Manjaro ARM Team,

you have releases of Manjaro ARM for the radxa RockPro64 and Rock Pi 4B/4C devices.

Will there also be a release of Manjaro ARM for the new radxa Rock-5B device?
It uses the RK3588 (Quad Core A76 2.4GHz + Quad Core A55 1.8GHz) processor.

See Rock5 - Radxa Wiki

Best Regards

The Rock5 is not released yet. It is also using a completely new platform (rk3588) that needs to have support in mainline before we can do much.

So take this as a tentative “yes”, while we wait for stuff to get supported upstream.

Hi Guys

These are now being delivered, im due to have mine in the next 2 weeks from allnet.

Any updates on how this is going? Im new to the SBC platform, so just looking for guideanc eon how to get Manjaor installed on the device. Thanks :slight_smile:

This is the update I see on the Radxa forum: Manjaro ARM for Rock5B - ROCK 5 Series - Radxa Forum

Support is still lacking a lot in mainline kernel, so don’t expect any support this year.