Manjaro Arm for rasberry home server?

I got a Rasberry pi with ice towercooler for my birthday and I was thinking of setting up a home server with it. Something simple like pihole+nextcloud and some kind of backup management solution. I haven’t been following the ARM side of things that much, so I’m wondering: does manjaro have an image that is suitable for servers? That is, no desktop and sshd enabled and maybe even firewall included?

If not, is there any demand for a server image?

We don’t have a ready made image for servers, but we do have a server edition, so you can either use the manjaro-arm-installer and create a ready install for it, or you can create an image using the manjaro-arm-tools's buildarmimg command.

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Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Another option is install this image and do a pacman -Syu and all should be up to date with 20.08.

Pi minimal image 20.06

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