Manjaro arm flasher


I want to reinstall Manjaro KDE on my Pinebook Pro.
I installed the image onto a microSD, booted up, and then installed and launched the Manjaro ARM flasher.
There is a choice under “Target Block Device”: mmcblkboot0 or mmcblkboot1.
Could someone please tell me which should I choose to flash onto the hard drive?
I have tried both but get an error.


To flash to emmc, you need to choose: mmcblk2. Not boot0 or boot1.

If it’s not shown, it means one of the partitions is mounted on your system. Probably your /boot partition.

So do
sudo umount /boot && sudo mount /dev/mmcblk1p1 /boot

Then launch Manjaro ARM Flasher again. Now mmcblk2 should be shown.

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Thank you !

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