Manjaro Arm doesn't match display resolution

Hi, I just got a raspberry pi for Christmas and I install Raspbian it didn’t look good. I searched up “popular Linux distros for raspberry pi” and I came across Manajaro. I installed it and everything works fine except for the display. It was zoomed in and stretched horizontally. I tried to change it in the resolution settings but it just zoomed in more. I searched it up but got no answers. I also tried to install Xrandr but it didn’t support arm. My display is a Lepow Type-C portable display and the resolution is 1920 x 1080. Please help me.

Are you sure?
xorg-xrandr should be in the repo.

This is a standard resolution, and one we all test it with.
Your screen might not be transmitting the EDID correctly though.

Is there a xorg-xrandr repo made for arm? I can’t find any.

Try sudo pacman -S xorg-xrandr.

Autorandr gives you xrand command. I would try 1280x720 or 1024x768 to fit your display.