Manjaro ARM Developer-Release with Plasma-Mobile (PinePhone)

I tried the new image yesterday. Its a big improvement :blush:
Some pain points…

  1. KDE Connect would be great to be in the base image.
  2. The bottom button bar sometimes disapears.
  3. The screen becomes half height at certain times.
  4. Angelfish its super crashy.
  5. Id love to have the option for the draw to be the launcher. It seems pointless to have to always drag that open to use an app.

Would just like to say I just tried Plasma mobile (dev image 201119) again for the first time since beta 1 and it just amazing how far it came in comparison. Thanks for all the hard work Manjaro and Plasma Mobile dev teams! :smiley: Where beta 1 felt like a big step back from the alpha’s, this feels like a huge step forward! GUI feels much smoother, applications load faster, much less crashes and bugs overall. The new app switcher is a huge (and very welcome) improvement and the virtual keyboard is much better as well!

Edit: Previously there was a paragraph here stating the virtual keyboard did not show up any longer. After a few reboots it now pops up again, don’t know why because I haven’t changed anything. Glad that it’s now working again anyway! :slight_smile:

I till think that it’s a good idea to have a button somewhere (like in the bottom right corner in Phosh) through which you can force the virtual keyboard to pop up.

hmm I am using [201107], because SIM is not working with [201119] image :frowning: …same on your side ?

Sorry for the late response! I’ve actually switched to 201122, running from an SD-card. After writing the image to the SD-card I did the same as I described earlier; switch to unstable branch, update software, reboot (also changed passwords for root and manjaro users).

Running that my SIM works fine and network is detected perfectly! Calls work fine, SMS (Spacebar) also works fine! :slight_smile:

Some new observations:

Firefox now makes the virtual keyboard pop up (yay!), however Firefox’s application window starts to ‘twitch’ almost immediately after starting, making it unusable unfortunately.

Also, I seem to be having some problems with charging. I’m wondering if the phone goes into deep sleep properly when pressing the phone’s power button?

The progress Plasma makes is great, kudos to Manjaro team.

Some notes about things that don’t work (tested after running update):

  1. Firefox flickers so much it cannot be used. Also makes the keyboard pop up and stay up hiding the 3 interface buttons and blocking the bottom half of the screen.
  2. Phone book starts multiple copies of itself even if already opened. Other apps switch to the running version though, an example where it works is Phone.
  3. Bluetooth audio seems to crash when you start playing music. Music is heard for <1 second and then the bluetooth connection with speakers is lost. I was only able to test this with one app though since neither the Vvawe or Elisa seem to work. Vvawe wont start and Elisas ui isn’t properly scaled to the phone. Elisa seems very unstable as well.
  4. Pressing the power button to wake the phone seems quite unreliable, sometimes it doesn’t wake up at all and you have to press it again all other times it takes quite a while to wake up.
  5. This is probably something for KDE to fix but a power setting section in the settings app would be great to control screen timeout, right now it is frustratingly low, which is made worse by the unreliable wakeup when pressing the power button.
  6. Desktop widgets don’t remember their size between reboots. The clock widget is gigantic and you can make it smaller but it resets on next boot. Funny enough, if you rotate the screen back and forth once the widget corrects itself returning to the size that was set manually.