Manjaro ARM Beta7 with Phosh (PinePhone)

I prefer getting news using a rss reader application (yeah, I am old school). I installed several rss readers from the Manjaro beta 7 Software. The one that worked the best for me was liferea because it adapted the the ui the phone screen well, supports full screen mode, and can use touch gestures to adjust/hide the feed list and details window very smoothly.

Note: I didn’t try using the podcast application that came preinstalled for rss, so I don’t know if that is an option.

I’ve tried the gnome-podcasts application. It seems to work for the most part. Managing subscribed podcasts could be better though. It is functional enough.


I have the following problem: Chinese Characters are neither shown (eg. Song titles, podcast tittles, contact data, etc.) nor can they be written? For reading I only see quares with numbers in it.

Also I can’t see the SD-Card. There is no /media at all.
Anbox does not start.

I think the botton in the calendar are ruther small.

Sometimes the Windows (like the podcast app) only fill 2/3 of the space (the upper part). Don’t unterstand when and why.

Yes, there is a problem with removable media. USB flash drive (through docking station) isn’t working too at the latest OS build.

About 8 hours ago, my pinephone received a massive update (core and a bunch of programs). The kernel after the update is 5.11.11—MANJARO-ARM

This update seems to bring a lot of improvements. One of the biggest it seems is the speed at which applications launch, much quicker. This is a great improvement.

The onboard keyboard seems improved because I type with fewer mistakes; however, more typing is needed.

Is this update actually beta 8?


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