Manjaro ARM Beta28 with Phosh (PinePhone / PinePhonePro)

It simply means that it is known to the upstream project already

Haha, you were not joking. After removing the package firefox scrolling works as expected and the layout is same as on desktop, which seems better/more familiar. I have not used it extensively so maybe some other issues would arise, but the moving of address bar to bottom i don’t understand.

Maybe manjaro should ship firefox vanilla and fix the issues upstream without special tinkering?

edit: oh, wow. Removing mobile settings makes the phone able to jump in videos using the timeline at the bottom. This had not worked for a year or so.

edit2: looking at the pmos page it seems they have adopted ublock as default. This is a change i would support, as it not only blocks ads, but makes many pages load and interact significantly faster, youtube being one of them.