Manjaro ARM Beta26 with Phosh (PinePhone / PinePhonePro)

Manjaro ARM Beta26 of Phosh for PinePhone!

The Manjaro ARM project is proud to announce our twenty sixth BETA release for the PinePhone running Phosh!


Those images run the 5.19 kernel from Megi.


  • Firefox uses a dedicated configuration and plays videos on Youtube pretty well
  • Camera app with access to back and front camera, including autofocus (only PinePhone)
  • Auto-Rotate function and manual rotate
  • Welcome wizard for easy setup of the device
  • We have now a working Torch in the quick-access-menu
  • Prime phone functions working, including resume from deep-sleep and free speaking
  • Recording of audio works
  • Most applications got added to scale-to-fit
  • Haptic feedback functions are given
  • Optimized keyboard layout for terminal
  • Maps working with geolocate
  • Volume buttons working
  • Sensors fully functional
  • Easy access to Bluetooth, Wlan, Rotate and Mobile functions via quick settings
  • Default branch is arm-stable. This can be changed by editing /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf
  • usage of callaudiod for better audio experience with calls
  • This image uses a Crust enabled uboot

Changes since Beta25

  • Pipewire got updated to 0.3.56
  • added some patches by purism to callaudiod
  • eg25-manager 0.4.4 allows different attribute values for the community firmware
  • more Gnome 42.4 updates
  • Kernel is now at 5.19
  • Mesa is at 22.1.6
  • Phoc sees a new stable release: 0.21.0
  • Phosh got updated to 0.20.0
  • squeekboard got renewed to 1.19.0
  • Systemd now at 251.4
  • uboot got updated to 2022.07 for Pinephone while kept at 2022.04 for PinephonePro
  • Firefox is now at 103.0.1

A detailed list of package changes can be found here.

Currently broken:

  • GPS may not work as it should

Known issues


Device Phosh
PinePhone Beta26
PinePhone Nightly

About the device:
Perhaps you’re in a line of work where security is a must, or a hard-core Linux enthusiast, or perhaps you’ve just got enough of Android and iOS and you’re ready for something else – the PinePhone may be the next Phone for you. Powered by the same Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 64-Bit SOC used in our popular PINE A64 Single Board Computer, the PinePhone runs mainline Linux as well as anything else you’ll get it to run.

The purpose of the PinePhone isn’t only to deliver a functioning Linux phone to end-users, but also to actively create a market for such a device, as well as to support existing and well established Linux-on-Phone projects. All major Linux Phone-oriented projects, as well as other FOSS OS’, are represented on the PinePhone and developers work together on our platform to bring support this this community driven device.


Pinephones Beta Edition are still on stock. Visit the Pine64 Store

How to install:

Download the image/xz file from the download location. Verify that the download completed successfully.

After that, install Etcher (sudo pacman -S etcher if on Manjaro) and burn the to an SD card (8 GB or larger).

The PinePhone should recognize the SD card as a bootable device and boot from it.

The premade users are:
User: manjaro
Password: 123456

User: root
password: root


Please consider supporting Manjaro ARM directly via Patreon, Ko-Fi or Open Collective.
You can also donate to our upstream, which is Arch Linux ARM.


If you face issues with this editon, please open a new issue on our bug-tracker

Development Changelog

We will list our progress to Beta27 here

  • Beta26 (2022-08-18) Download
    • based on stable branch
  • Dev (2022-08-21) Download
    • based on unstable branch
    • Kernel got updated to 5.19.2 which brings in the following fixes:
      • fix breakage in 8723cs caused by Linux API changes in wireless stack in 5.19.2
      • add reboot to maskrom support for Pinephone Pro
    • Pamac got updated to 10.4.2
    • Phosh and Phoc got upstream fixes added
  • Dev (2022-08-23) Download
    • based on unstable branch
    • Kernel got updated to 5.19.3 which brings in the following fixes:
      • fix various rt5640 codec issues: megi's PinePhone Development Log
      • decouple camera ISP1 and DRM on RK3399 (fixes lack of display when rear camera is not probed)
  • Dev (2022-09-01) Download
    • based on unstable branch
    • Kernel got updated to 5.19.4 which brings in the following fixes:
      • fix longstanding issue with 44.1kHz sample rate playback not working correctly after playing 48kHz audio on RK3399 (Pinephone Pro)
    • Firefox got updated to 104.0
    • Mesa got renewed to 22.1.7
    • Phosh and Phoc got some fixes added
  • Dev (2022-09-02) Download
  • Dev (2022-09-04) Download
    • fixed issue with Megapixels loading both cameras on PPP
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Thanks for the great job!

As you may know, from time to time, SIM (and mobile data) gets disconnected but I cannot see the patern to reproduce the behaviour. Maybe it is related to automatic suspend. It was happening already in 25 and previous.

Anyway, is there a way to make and link a keyring password to the automatic (re)activation of the SIM without switching off the password of the SIM? Would it “solve” the problem?

Thanks again

Hi, I you have upgrade modem firmware ? @MCG
Best Regards

Hi, for me have somme issue but the big one is the BT i cannot listen sound correctly all the time the sound is stopping 1sec approx.

Best Regards

Model : Sony WF-1000XM4

Edit : Have fix a the issue on use PW and remove PA
pacman -S pipewire-pulse pipewire-alsa pipewire-zeroconf gst-plugin-pipewire
Also now have access on LDAC & AAC Profile ^^
But i need to see manually on settings my ouput for use my BT but now that work.
And if i shutdown BT that switch automatically on internal speak.

With PW issue is disconnect all the time :
Part of log : hastebin

A workaround is try to set : = {
  ["bluez5.enable-sbc-xq"] = true,
  ["bluez5.enable-msbc"] = true,
  ["bluez5.codecs"] = "[sbc sbc_xq]",

in /etc/wireplumber/bluetooth.lua.d/51-bluez-config.lua
Have create folder & file
Also have install : pacman -S realtime-privileges

No, I hadn’t, thank you.
I updated* it two days ago and now I use the EG25GGBR07A08M2G_30.006.30.006
but sadly I apparently have the same behaviour.
Not a big deal, it happens just ~ 1 or 2 times a day.

i had same issue on both original and community firmware, but latest versions of community firmware has fixed it.