Manjaro ARM Beta25 with Phosh (PinePhone / PinePhonePro)

Hmm, I can confirm that it also segfaults/crashes on a fresh Beta25 image. I only briefly tested if all installed apps start, but didn’t test chatty (Chats) in-app. Also the debug mode chatty -dv doesn’t give me much output other than confirming the segfault.

So we can either rebuild the application and hope that “fixes” it or see if there is newer source code which fixes it. If not we have to find a way to report it. What happens if you hold back the old chatty version and update everything else?

It did not crash on updated beta24 for me nor does it crash on fresh beta25. Are you doing something special or just starting the app?

Well I normally flash a fresh image and start the apps. nothing fancy. I just did a rebuild without the MRs so we have a pure 0.6.7 version. Can be tested by downloading this zip:

Since we both have same hardware, and same starting point in software, and it crashes on one but not on other, few explanations remain, to me seems to be either the pinephone revision somehow affecting it, or the modem firmware. Those are braveheart and biktor’s latest for me.

'Additionally maybe the wifi status (disabled for me) or some issue from what kind of mobile network your operator uses might be variables.

Send yourself an SMS text when the phone is off. Flash a fresh Beta25. Most likely it will crash. Update to 0.6.7-2 to receive the text message …

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i can confirm both the crash and fix. Very nice, so the problem was with receiving new texts? (as it did work before i installed beta25 fresh, and i had previous received texts)

I added some unmerged MRs which might have been the problem or a simple rebuild fixed it. I could readd those MRs, compile it again and then we might test it. Anyway, lets see …

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Yes I can confirm the crash and the fix there is no more segfault. Right after updating to 0.6.7-2 I received all the SMS people sent me in the meantime at once. Thanks a lot for the amazing job.


I can also confirm that it is fixed. I received a update today and also got all my test texts all at once. I love how nice and helpful everyone is in this community :heart: .

Anyone have issues with phone calls after this update? I updated from beta 24 and I could not hear the other end of the call and the caller could not hear me on phone calls. I had to re flash beta 24 to get my calling working again.

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there were some changes to pipewire which broke audio profile switching. Hence we changed back to pulseaudio with beta25. Did you test the fresh image of 25 or just update to it?

@philm I updated from 24 to 25, should I attempt a fresh install then restore my backups instead?

That post you linked is in reference to after a call the audio output staying on earpiece rather than speaker. That has been going on for some time and not after every call. That is no big deal because you can switch the profile yourself in settings.

The issue I am having is no audio can be heard by the person you call (no mic) and you can not hear the person on the other end of the phone call. This issue make phone calls not possible.

Not exactly new with this release, but I have a problem witch syncing contacts with my nextcloud.
It only syncs extremely infrequently . Looks like it only syncs when rebooting while the the instance is reachable. Considering a mobile is a 24/7 device, it’s sometimes unsynced for weeks.

Is this normal behavoir and does anybody know how to change that?

You can manually trigger the synchronization thanks to gnome calendar. In the top bar, tap on the button at the left side of the thee dots button then “Synchronize calendar”. It force the synchronization of the calendar but also the contacts from the same nextcloud account.

The apn and related network settings will not save and default back to US mobile.
That’s on a fresh beta 25.

@philm The latest update has fixed the audio profile switching, it is mostly working correctly now.


Да ви имам ъпдейтите! After the last update I can’t unlock the phone.

What is the problem with package “kio-5.93.0-1”? After a new installation, when updating, this problem appears. I’m using KDE connect. In beta 23 and now in beta 25 update it appears.

@philm i have compiled a kernel based on your gitlab using some patches that fixes all the suspend / wake issues. The pro has the over sensitive mic issue now and I am not sure if it is due to the patched kernel, community modem firmware or the old issue with alsa-ucm-pinephone package. Is anyone else having the very sensitive mic and the other person on the call hearing an echo?

With this patched kernel this phone is daily drive able for sure, just this mic sensitivity issue. Last time on my OG pinpehone I was able to use pauvucontrol to lower the sensitivity of the mic and fix the issue until that alsa-ucm-pinphone package was reverted, this does not work for the pro nothing seems to effect the mic sensitivity.

maybe open an issue and share your patch for review.@kmsgli

@philm my plan was to pull your gitlab and make another repo, the patches are not mine the mobian community made the patches along with the community firmware for a winning combo. I am very new to the github workflow so still trying to traverse pull / merge requests. I am re installing now to try one more fix to solve the mic issue and will report back.