Manjaro ARM Alpha2 with Phosh (PineTab)

I can create a test image, with a kernel where I tried patching in the new panel used in the new Pinetab’s, for you to try if you want?

Thanks @Strit! I’m more than willing to wait until support is added in an upcoming release. I can’t speak for @PractisingDruid, of course. And thanks for all the work on this, I’ve really been enjoying Manjaro’s Phosh build for the PinePhone. :smile:

If it’s something that needs testing, I’d be more than happy to give the image a spin!

It is. As I don’t have one of the new PineTab’s I can’t test if it works.

I’m available to help test that, for sure! I’m itching to give Manjaro a try on it.

Okay, I made an uploaded a test image, which can be downloaded here.

It’s a Phosh edition, build on arm-unstable branch with linux-rc kernel that has a patch to use the new panel. I can’t test it, since it breaks the support for the old dev unit I have.

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IMG burned and booting now. I see the Manjaro logo!

Phosh doesn’t autostart (it seems that may have been a fluke, another user reported phosh starting correctly when they booted it, in the pinetab channel) I might be missing something, but it doesn’t see the wifi, either. *enabling NetworkManager and rebooting brought wifi back, and Phosh autostarted on second boot, too!

The display seems to be stuck in an upside down portrait orientation. The Phosh menu shows the autorotate options, but does not change based on moving the tab. *I just saw in a reddit post that this is a known issue in the PineTab alpha builds. However it does state that manual rotation works, how is that achieved?

I can’t seem to get the power button to wake the screen after it times out.

If Lomiri is to a state it needs testers, I’d like to offer there, too. I recalled seeing the apps needed a while back, but i think it might have gotten lost in the crash of the prev forums.

This is an awesome alpha image so far!

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Thanks for testing.

This appears that none of the services that are suppose to be enabled, is enabled. So we are missing something in the image it seems.

Thanks for reporting this. I think the DTS is simply missing the power button as a wakeup call.

No idea about Lomiri, maybe @spikerguy knows the status there. I just build the profiles we have. :slight_smile:

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Funny enough, now --after the 4th or 5th hard boot-- the power button is waking the screen after the display times out.

Waiting for a sample device to test lomiri and fix if there is any issue with it.

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I’ll be happy to help do any testing for it!

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Thanks for testing our fish :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill try to build a pinetab image with lomiri and share it with you.


Thanks for making good fish! I’ll keep an eye for the image and share any feedback!

Thank you all for the replies and the work on this. I can wait until the next release to try Manjaro again. I use Manjaro on my desktop all the time, so I am looking forward to a workable version for the Pinetab.

Wanted to add a few more things I’ve noticed while playing on the Phosh image. I’ll edit this with any others I find to avoid flooding the thread.

Battery icon always shows as full-not charging or full-charging.

Not sure if this is related, but power sources don’t always appear to be recognized. Currently, the battery is at 93%. I plugged it in to 2 different power cables (OTG & barrel) to give better info on the icon, but neither cable plugged in currently indicates the power source is connecting. Settings > Power states Discharging.

Also, @Strit, there’s a few people in the pine chat that are asking to test an img for the new panel with plasma-mobile.

I think there are -dev builds for Plasma Mobile for PinePhone by @oberon done almost daily. Maybe they can just grap one of those?

Thanks! I’ll pass this along.

I’ll try fixing the Phosh image to have services enabled by default. :stuck_out_tongue:

I updated the original link I posted to the new image, which should be working.


Boots in Portrait mode even device is attached to the keyboard and is in landscape mode. Orientation remains after system start. Of course orientation change is unlocked

Selecting the right orientation like landscape works. But all is displayed head down :wink:

ha! i just now realized how people were manually rotating in Phosh. wow :sweat_smile:

I’ve noticed in the latest img that the welcome/setup app runs at every boot.