Manjaro ARM Alpha2 with Lomiri (PinePhone)

hi i try too install it but the phone only start up the default os
and not what on the micro card i tryed different programs

we have an label issue. both root and boot partitions have the same labels as the SD card. you may need more reboots until it boots from SD. With a new ISO we may use UUID or something.

ooh will try that

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wifi dos not work for me on the ubports pinephone edition wlan is turned on but no connection,
i hhve 1 saved connection but can not connect to any wifi

Hello and welcome to the community,

I hope you have Manjaro Lomiri edition installed on your ubport edition device, Can you please share the output of this command
inxi -Fzxi

I do not understand why before publication this image did not get the primordial test of booting and running a few simple apps like clock?
Although I appreciate the effort of all developpers, IMHO this shows disrespect of the user’s time…

This is alpha image for users to test it.

It is only testing and reviewing and not for final use hence named alpha.

Thanks for trying it out. It will be helpful if you can raise an issue at our git issues list.

Much appreciated.

I have the ubports one as well. For me it was constantly asking for the WPA key.
After a reboot it was ok though.

Got the same issue. To fix it type in terminal:

rfkill unblock wifi
nmcli radio wifi on

At some point an update has killed this, I installed updates and rebooted and now it won’t boot

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Yes the lomiri pkgs are not build with the updated dependencies, currently it is not being maintained as the core developer have been sick since long time.

Will update the thread once I get to hear from the core developer again.

I’m currently working on Lomiri and might have a developer build out soon. Stay tuned. Also Lomiri images are not meant to be updated as of now.


Anbox now can be started on Lomiri on Manjaro but it has a ton of issues right now like the apps having half the screen black and being super laggy.
Also the scaling is super tiny.

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This is AWESOME! :smiley: I would try to use a wayland backed instead of x11. It’s using sdl so you can try to set SDL_VIDEODRIVER=wayland


anbox doesnt work with wayland backend right now because of this issue [wayland support] replacing pbuffers · Issue #1270 · anbox/anbox · GitHub

Comands i used to install and run Anbox:

sudo pacman -S anbox anbox-image
sudo systemctl start anbox-container-manager
export DISPLAY=:0
anbox launch --package=org.anbox.appmgr --component=org.anbox.appmgr.AppViewActivity

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Thank you für your installation suggestions.
Sadly the result was: failed to connect to DBus

hey mario, where would you set this?