Manjaro ARM 20.10 released!

Not really. If you come from a 20.08 install, you can update just fine, with sudo pacman -Syu.

The base install of Arch Linux ARM, does not have a text editor included anymore, but it used to have nano. Nano has always been the default editor on Manjaro systems.

We get most of our packages from Arch Linux ARM, so the choice to replace software happens there.

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What are you building from ? I just used, it ships with vi and no fancy rewrites.

We build our rootfs from packages. Don’t know what customizations Arch does, but we don’t rewrite anything.

Give me some examples of rust rewrites from our images, that is not in Arch images.

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If I try a reboot on the pinebook pro it will go to a blank/brown screen with stripes in the middle of the screen and have to force power off and power back on. Tried Sway and Plasma images, same issue from sd card or emmc.

This is not something I have seen. Sounds like a hardware issue to me.

Did you try with a previous version, like 20.08 or 20.06?

Tried 20.08 and had the same issue, will try 20.06.

I tried Fedora and Ubuntu and they rebooted fine, will try again.

Edit: 20.06 and Fedora also having the issue from sdcard, not sure what hardware issue could be :frowning:

Edit 2: Reboot worked with Fedora on emmc but didn’t work from sdcard when 20.10/20.08 on emmc. So now I’m not sure.

Please be aware, it will make more sense
The uboot on emmc will found before one on SD, 1st found will be the one used
(unless you have a uboot on SPI, most people don’t)
You can test uboots by blanking (/dev/zero) the emmc uboot area,
forces use of SD uboot
And, of course nearly all images contain a (hidden) uboot, in 1st 16M
uboots search order is different than bootrom, MMC0 is 5th in the list (emmc)

I did more testing and if Manjaro 20.06 is installed in the emmc reboot will work fine, maybe u-boot on 20.08 and 20.10 are different from 20.06?

Manjaro 20.08/20.10 - reboot won’t work and shutdown will end with a red light blinking.
Manjaro 20.06 - reboot and shut down work fine.

Also tested Ubuntu and Fedora images on emmc and reboot/shutdown work fine too.