Manjaro Archtitect KDE unstable [install basepkgs] [255] error

Downloaded, checksumed and flashed following ISO’s twice:


And used the Architect installer to install Manjaro KDE Plasma full or minimal unstable branch with systemd-boot. But the installation ended always with package download errors. Don’t know if it were always the same packages that failed during my various install attempts. But I have noted the following package messages once:

Kjobwidgets-git → The reported URL returned error: 404
Kdbusaddons-git → The reported URL returned error: 404
Kcrash-git → The reported URL returned error: 404
Kguiaddons-git → The reported URL returned error: 404
Ktextwidgets-git → The reported URL returned error: 404

These error messages lead to the final message that did abort the installation:
Error: [install basepkgs][255]

Tried also different mirror servers with no luck. A single mirror server doesn’t help either. Tried mainly servers in Germany (i.a. Manjaro servers), Netherland and Denmark.

But then I switched to the stable branch and the installation went smooth to the end without any problem.

So I suspect that the Architect KDE unstable branch installation might be broken on both tested ISOs.

Could be then a problem with the packages on unstable and error “404” means that the package was not found.

I just checked my mirror:

the packages are there… :man_shrugging:

Unstable branch is not meant for users who need support but for those who can report bugs.

please install KDE-Unstable via its dedicated ISO. Thx for your feedback.

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To report this bug was my intention. So I suppose this isn’t the right place for this?
Can you please lead me to the right place where I can report manjaro unstable bugs?

Thank you for the tip. I know how to install stable Manjaro branches. I installed the Architect ISO because I liked to try systemd-boot.

It was a genral warning from me. I didn’t mean to sound harsh.
It is also not so much about where
but more about how.
For manjaro-architect there is for examlple a log file which you could provide when you run into errors. manjaro-architect will ask you if you want to copy it on the target partition, it will land in /.m-a.log then. Otherwise on the source system it is under /var/log/m-a.log

KDE Unstable profile is a special case, it might be using kde-git packages which are even more unstable and really meant for testing new features only. Not that they won’t work sometimes, but the KDE devs will make them break whenever they see it fit.

Thank you for giving me help how to provide bug reports - I’m new here and appreciate that.

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Then you will like this topic, it’s awesome!

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you may switch to unstable after that too