Manjaro Architect [install basepkgs][255] error


I have spent hours now banging my head against the wall trying to install Manjaro with Architect but it keeps getting to the “install desktop” stage and then giving a [install basepkgs][255] error. I have seen several other posts here that have attempted to resolve this but non of their fixes seem to work for me. Here are the logs like the other people posted:

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Download the latest ISO (doesn’t matter which version) and start Architect from there. The Architect ISO is old and has issues.

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Giving that a go now, thanks!

I just got the same error again now. Should I send the logs again?

Edit: I just changed the version to unstable and it seems to be working
Edit2: I went back because I hadn’t set up encryption before and then realised I’d also changed the kernal before. I was trying to install the top 3 things (as suggested here [HowTo] Install Manjaro fully encrypted using Manjaro Architect) but now with linux59 it works. I don’t really know what kernal you’re meant to use(?).