Manjaro-architect current situation and testing


Manjaro-architect is unmaintained. Why?
I read this flavor will provide a much more stable system than manjaro plasma stable (for instance).
Is this true?

Is it really worth it to go for the architect version considering all the extra work to make it functional like plasma is “ready out of the box” ? I will only choose architect over plasma if it is.
Not interested in dwelling too much time on it if not needed.

If it comes down only to more fine grain control over what you install from a bare-bones start, then I’m not interested!

I am available to help with testing.
Can’t debug bash scripts yet.

Hi @U174,

Because the developer had no time any longer.

It wasn’t/isn’t a flavour, per sé. Rather it was a custom installer. That allowed you to more finely customize your installation.


Having never used architect, I can’t say for certain. Being a Plasma used, I can say that I doubt it.