1. An update to the package Details for manjaro-application-utility
    It currently shows the source link as
    But when a user goes to the link there is text that says, “Project ‘fhdk/application-utility’ was moved to ‘linux-aarhus/application-utility’. Please update any links and bookmarks that may still have the old path.” The user is redirected, so it is only a package text change.

  2. I don’t know if this is working as designed, but when I expand a “Group”, the icon is left-justified and the application is right-justified and there is a large distance between them.

  3. Feature Request for manjaro-application-utility. A “Group” for “Development” to list development packages (i.e., xfce-dev-tools) and ide’s.

  4. Would latex editors like lyx or texmaker be appropriate to add under the Text Editors.


In general, I feel manjaro-application-utility could use some rework.

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