Manjaro and GA-970A-DS3P

I want to install Manjaro on this computer:

Motherboard: GA-970A-DS3P
CPU: AMD FX-8300 3.3 GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 2048 Mb DDR3
HDD: 1 Tb

Found a thread in the Manjaro forum archive titled “Installed Linux on Gigabyte 970A-DS3P motherboard - lost all”

Are there any similar issues with the latest version of Manjaro and the Linux kernel? And any other problems with this motherboard? I am also interested in installing and using Manjaro and Ubuntu on the same system, on the same hard drive. Are there any problems with this? And does it make a difference which distribution to install first? I hope you’ll give me a hand.

P.S I’m new to Linux, just getting used to it.

Hello @Squirrel and welcome :wink:

If I would look for issues I would have a look at There are a lot of hardware dumps which should show if it works or not.

So what I would look for is: How many probes has been done for vendor XY? By these numbers you can expect good or less support for your hardware, since on Linux it means: The higher the popularity the more support you can expect.

Trends: Vendor

You can probe the system yourself:

pamac build hw-probe

and run:

sudo -E hw-probe -all -upload

This works also on a live session.

Also keep sure, you have the latest BIOS version installed…

I don’t have that motherboard, but this could be a good start.

Hi it’s not for me to say I’m also new to Manjaro. I just use rufus and make a bootable usb. Change bios/efi start usb. Remember to backup all you want to save because its probably get lost. Check some you tube or read how to install and make a small 300Mb vfat for boot. I also have an older computer and Manjaro works like a charm. (personally I don’t think it’s a good idea with more than one op system on one computer)

I agree with the avoid dual boot but other than that I don’t see why you can’t install Manjaro.I would suggest XFCE or KDE as there use much less ram.

Why is dual boot not the best option?

Thank you, I was looking for a similar site. But, unfortunately, I did not find such a motherboard. There are only GA-970A-D3, GA-970A-UD3 and GA-970A-DS3 (although they are very close to DS3P)