Manjaro AMD OpenCL Darkroom (again)

Hello lovely Manjaro people. You have taught me much, but here’s one I just can’t figure out alone.

I can’t get Darktable to recognise my AMD GPU for OpenCL acceleration. Much has been written about this issue here and elsewhere – I’ve done my reading & followed various strategies that have worked for others, but none have for me :frowning: Any ideas would be much appreciated.

My system: Ryzen 3600, 32gb ram, GPU = ASUS HD 7770 (2 GB, southern islands, GCN 1.0).

OS is Manjaro Minimal XFCE, with kernel 5.10.49-1.

Other folks seem to have had the most success by combining the kernel amdgpu driver and OpenCL-AMD package from the AUR. For many, this seems to be enough. To make this work, I have also installed the AMDGPU-experimental package from the AUR, which forces use of the AMDGPU driver over the older radeon one and claims to offer some Southern Islands support.

This much works as intended: clinfo recognises the GPU (can provide readout if needed) and everything looks set to go. However, although darktable-cltest recognises the device and acknowledges image support, it then fails upon reporting: [opencl_init] could not create command queue for device 0: -6

I’ve also tried the ROCm and full AMDGPU-Pro routes as suggested on archwiki, but both failed to get me even as far as the above.

I feel like I’m on the cusp, but have reached the limits of my competence. I don’t want to switch distros if at all possible – I love the manjaro life! Your help is much appreciated.

i know this is an old question and I hope you found an answer. Just confirming that I have an AMD 5500XT graphics card and cannot get opencl to work - particularly with Darktable. I don’t think this is a Manjaro issue, I tried Ubuntu and Mint and the amd drivers don’t successfully make opencl available to Darktable either.
I’m assuming that the opencl-amd package is the problem but I’m not clever enough to fault find.
I tried the directions in the Arch page on opencl - last year this worked, more recently not.

Sorry this isn’t much help.

I think you need the proprietary driver for Amd to use that.