Manjaro alternative to clear_tmp_enable

With FreeBSD-CURRENT I’m familiar with clear_tmp_enable in rc.conf.

With Manjaro Linux, what’s closest to clear_tmp_enable?

I see a man page for systemd-tmpfiles but I’m confused.

You want to clear /tmp/ on each boot?

a google for “manjaro clean tmp on boot” led me to the archived forum where there was a link to this thread [SOLVED] systemd-tmpfiles-clean.timer and cleaning of /var/tmp / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums

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On Arch based distributions - Manjaro is no excecption - the /tmp is tmpfs which means it is reset on boot.

If an application wants to store files which should persist during a reboot they should be placed in /var/tmp which will survive a restart.

So I think the answer to your question is - Manjaro already does clear_tmp_enable - as the /tmp is volatile and recreated on boot.

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Thanks, from the problem that I had yesterday I assumed that no reset occurred:

I guess that the problem involved more than just temporary files.

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