Manjaro accessibility (braille and or speech)

Hello everyone.
After a long period of trial and error, I finally somehow got a custom iso booting with brltty auto starting. However, I was not really happy with the result, since I scrapped several packages from the gnome iso profile, not even sure what some of those were… [scrap until it finished] Then, I also changed the config file to use kernel linux516, change the virtualbox stuff to host instead of guest. Then I added brltty, espeak-ng mate [and i should also have added orca] to the packages-lists.
Now I seem to remember reading on this forum somewhere that the current manjaro installer is not screenreader friendly, and it seems I tend to agree on that. However, there is a “manual” to help install manjaro with cli only, so that would really be a great start. Currently, I did try the mate installer, and had to be really lucky to be logged in, to then use pacman -Syy brltty and answering “yes” to then wait, to then sudo brltty… As you can imagine, this is not ideal, and would require an internet connection to begin with, so I’d be out of luck on my macbook air 2011 or so. So my base request would be this: if it’s not taking up too much valuable space and or resources, would it be worthy a consideration to include brltty and orca [for gnome and or mate] into the installers. Even if installation doesn’t work the “regular way” it’s still useful, since the online manual could be used, or the live system could be tested. Also, to put this in context, I did try a sonar cd but my vm didn’t like that too much, so I’d figure to ask…

Hey there.
So a project used to exist called talking-mate.
It implements some of the things you mention like orca, though it lacked brtty.
I did a build of it with some tweaks, modern packages and added brtty.
It is entirely untested … but maybe give it a look?
I would be happy to help work on something like this.

Filename: manjaro-talking-mate-21.2.0-minimal-211202-linux54.iso
sha256sum: f566ae591e8711ecebaf76e6ebb7954c4f79fdfb89dd42678045d98ad2bdb802

(sorry for the less-than-perfect host … it was one of the faster upload options)


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well darn. I didnt even look. :roll_eyes: :woman_facepalming:

Though looking, it would be quite different from that … with the branding and extra sbk repo and such.
Meh. Maybe time not wasted?

Its never a waste of time to have more spins out there like the one you created. Seeing a need and creating something is what FOSS is all about.
But, if the branding you are referring to is the “Manjaro” branding like color scheme, wallpaper, and boot theme, then yes its not installed on SbK spins. But there is no SbK branding other than in the name on the iso and the projects websites.
The SbK repo is basically full of theme packages like wallpapers, icons, grub, lightdm, kvantum and gtk themes. Along with a few AUR packages. Only one person, me, can add signed packages to it. The SbK repository is signed as well as the iso’s. Nothing is in the install or repository that would conflict with Manjaro packages because all SbK spins are in effect Manjaro, built with the manjaro-tools.

So, after several days, and two test cases, I have the folowing:

  • vmware workstation player 16: braille worked, but no sound [probably a vm thing]. Did go through cli installation and was able to get a system up and running, but might have bricked it when trying to get sound working, but that’s a vm so who cares.
  • macbook air 2011: sound was working fine this time, so got orca and brltty. Issue I ran in there was the broadcom drivers not showing up, and didn’t directly find a way to get that set up.

Over all, I’m defenately keeping this iso, because I like variation, and learning something new. But, it would still be neat to get official manjaro isos [where it makes sence of course] to get at least braille since that’s only one program, and or speech. Like it would be neat of the mate iso would become an official one, just because it seems to be a valid alternative to gnome…

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