Manjaro Abnormal Booting Behaviour

My Manjaro boots and works fine as expected
In ONLY 4.19 (not 4.9) fallback initramfs option
but not in others
Other options simply don’t display anything at all on screen (not even able to tty)
Here are all the options in advanced manjaro grub menu:

Here is output of booting from manjaro advanced grub menu’s 4.9 (not 4.19) fallback initramfs option

More about my setup:
I have Multi boot setup with UEFI
Ubuntu, Old manjaro (the one about whom this post is) and New Manjaro (works perfectly normal)
GRUB menu is of Ubuntu
In BIOS/UEFI there’s only Ubuntu’s option
(no mention of Manjaro)

Please help me make my Old manjaro boot normally
(without having to manually select 4.19 fallback option from GRUB menu)

Just to be super-clear
There’s no issue with my new manjaro installation, this post has nothing to do with it
and my old manjaro installation boots and works fine in 4.19 kernel fallback option
just as mentioned above in post
I am posting this issue from this old manjaro installation itself!

Some additional info:
Output of pacman -Syyu:

warning: firefox: ignoring package upgrade (84.0.1-0 => 84.0.1-0.1)
:: Replace mhwd-nvidia-418xx with core/mhwd-nvidia? [Y/n] n
:: Replace mhwd-nvidia-430xx with core/mhwd-nvidia? [Y/n] n
:: Replace mhwd-nvidia-435xx with core/mhwd-nvidia? [Y/n] n
:: Replace mhwd-nvidia-440xx with core/mhwd-nvidia? [Y/n] n
:: Replace mhwd-nvidia-450xx with core/mhwd-nvidia? [Y/n] n
:: Replace mhwd-nvidia-455xx with core/mhwd-nvidia? [Y/n] n
resolving dependencies…
looking for conflicting packages…
warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: bashrc-manjaro will be installed before its bash dependency
warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: smbclient will be installed before its cifs-utils dependency

Total Download Size: 1230.04 MiB
Total Installed Size: 4163.80 MiB
Net Upgrade Size: 55.29 MiB

I don’t even have this much internet bandwidth to update it!

What can we do about it then?

I see three problems, first you’re not up to date so you probably have the issue since long time and taking care of it just now? Second you’re replying the non default answer to questions and I’m pretty sure you don’t know why. Third problem is that you’re not using a compatible GRUB to boot Manjaro. You need to use Manjaro’s grub to boot everything, instead of using Ubuntu’s GRUB to boot Manjaro.

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Hello @AwesomeIronman :wink:

While i agree with @omano that an outdated manjaro installation cause problems, i would say the kernel is missing its initramfs… (normally recreated after upgrades)

Chroot into that system and recreate it:

sudo mkinitcpio -P

A rolling release have to be updated constantly. If you don’t have that much bandwidth i would recommend a fixed release like Debian-based systems Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or RedHat-based, like Fedora or CentOS or OpenSuse, which based on slackware.

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Thanks @megavolt
That made all my Old manjaro kernels fallback mode bootable

Still I can’t use their normal boot options
they show blank screen without tty support
Please help me fix this
along with Manjaro option in UEFI (so that I don’t have to use Ubuntu GRUB)

I like manjaro XFCE because it’s very lightweight and gets my work done fast
Ubuntu and Mint seem comparatively heavy

I even fully upgraded my system now by using pacman -Syyu
but still it is unable to boot normally
UEFI boot option is still missing

The Problem here is that only one grub can exist… you will have to use 2 efi partitions. One for Ubuntu and one for Manjaro and of course your EFI should support more than 1 EFI Partition. Maybe you have to use one HDD/SSD for each OS then.

Then You will be able to boot each OS through the UEFI and boot each grub of the OS.

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Thank you so much!
Finally I have Manjaro option in UEFI with Manjaro GRUB

I ran:
root # grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=manjaro --recheck

root # grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Only Issues now I have is
Old Ubuntu duplicate entries in UEFI
duplicate Manjaro entries in GRUB

GRUB entries I can fix using GRUB customizer
don’t know what to do about UEFI entries
anyways they don’t effect my daily usage

and we can’t install grub-customizer on manjaro anymore! :face_with_head_bandage:

I’ve never user it and I’m not planning too, but see this thread regarding Grub Customizer.

In short: it was removes because it caused many problems. Both with Manjaro’s customized GRUB, as well as other distros’.

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