Manjaro 24.1 a positive development. Thanks so much for a wonderful distribution

Installed the latest Manjaro last night. I am positively surprised. A lot of new things and changes, but I learned and figured it out quickly. Hope all this continues without sudden surprises because I like Manjaro the best of all the Linux distributions I’ve tested. Below, pictures of my desktop in Manjaro etc. after I have set it up according to my taste and needs. Linux Manjaro is 100% free, virus free and legal to download and use on as many computers as you like.

I have praised Manjaro Linux time and time again after using it quite a bit over the last year. But I got serious problem with the updates again! Time and time again I have had to download the latest version and reinstall. It’s going well until there is a big upgrade, then everything goes haywire!

The last major upgrade I did on 14-05-2024 was a complete disaster for me. After restarting the machine after completing the upgrade via the package manager, the kde desktop’s screen size became incredibly large and it was not possible to start any programs or system tools!

As I said, this is not the first time things have gone seriously wrong after upgrades in Manjaro. But let’s hope they have now solved the problems and have learned some of them! In any case, this is such a wonderful Linux distribution that it is difficult to leave it once you have started using it.

Problems I have with Manjaro is which kernel I choose to use. As the situation is now, it is best for me to use the latest stable version. So not the development version.

But as I see it, people out here have different experiences with different Linux distributions. So some definite common term for which Linux is best! depends on both user and hardware. My conclusion is; People choose the distribution, version and desktop environment that suits them based on their hardware, taste and needs. There is no such thing as the best Linux within the most famous of them. Such discussions lead nowhere and rarely make you any wiser. For my part, I will continue to use Manjaro Linux rather than anything else.

Ketil Ervik an Norwegian from Sweden.


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In most cases — not all, but most — the problems are the result of the improper behavior of the biological unit between the keyboard and the chair.

Rather than getting into the specifics by repeating myself all over again — as I have already had to do quite a lot on this forum — I will post a little essay I have written a while ago, albeit that not too many newcomers have bothered to read it yet. But it does detail some of the things you can (and should) do to minimize your chances of running into any catastrophes. :point_down:

Hello scandinavian :raised_hand: (Hilsen fra Aarhus, Danmark)

For an introduction to syncing Manjaro, please see → [root tip] [How To] Update Manjaro the smart way

That is a very thought-through comment - and very, very true.

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How people perceive it as criticism or not is, of course, very different. But people should perhaps realize certain issues! I’ve been using Linux since 30 years ago and I’m not exactly a beginner in the field. No, so there is nothing new and strange here from the chair to the computer! :rofl:

What I do is just tell my experiences with Manjaro and the problems I encounter. In the three cases I mentioned, it was not possible to find out what the problem was, as I cannot find any option to log in as safe mode in Manjaro! Had every such opportunity! then I think I have solved the problem.

But as I have previously also clarified, Manjaro behaves very differently from computer to computer, as it also does with other Linux distributions. What I think happened is that the stable kernel I was running at the time "didn’t work with the update that came! and that if I could have gone into safety mode, if there had been one! I could have switched to the standard kernel and everything would have worked normal again.

So it wasn’t a general criticism of Manjaro, but my perception of one for me one serious problem washed away by a major update from the Manjaro package manager.

I also don’t completely agree that Manjaro "shouldn’t be good for beginners! Today, Manjaro is considerably simpler and you don’t need to go to the terminal to get the computer working satisfactorily. Actually, it’s just plug and play from the start. Then delivers also Manjaro simpler Xfce versions, likewise Gnome versions. KDE is probably a bit more complicated for a beginner, not the actual operating system it runs on. But of course this also depends on what you expect from the operating system and the programs that add to it! But since it is so easy to install programs in Manjaro, I don’t understand your problem here either!

I run and develop my own Norwegian Manjaro howtos on my own websites to help new users of Manjaro. But this work takes time and I am also an amateur musician so time is not enough, there are only 24 hours in the day.

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Sad you have such experience, i have pretty much 6 years on same install and even the big plasma 6 upgrade brought no issues.

And this is with me who does not care to do anything to .pacnew unless it is mentioned on update threads.


Hi @Aragorn,

I just had a glance at the manjaro homepage and didn´t see anything specific about a target audience. Imho, your consideration whether Manjaro is the right distribution for someone is great and deserves a place on the main website. Just my thoughts.


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Not anymore, no. But unfortunately, the main page did for quite a while describe Manjaro as suitable for absolute beginners. Myself and several other people took issue with that, and the text was then subsequently rewritten. :wink:

Thank you very much for the appreciation. :slight_smile: However, I think that putting it on the main website might act as too much of a turnoff for some people, and might be considered too aggressive by the team. :thinking:

I’ve made it a pinned topic here at the forum, but I think that’s about as far as we can push it. :man_shrugging:

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