Manjaro 22.1.3 may 2023 iso and Radeon RX7600 doesnt display desktop

Attempting to boot Manjaro 22 iso after installing a Radeon RX7600.

It get to the screen where driver proprietary or not is selected, then shows some terminal output, then the screen goes black and disk activity stops.

The system boots the existing Debian 12 install fine with the RX7600.

Removing the RX7600 and putting previous R9 280X gpu back in and it boots/installs fine.

Any ideas?

have you try newer version manjaro iso ? ( every month )

I downloaded it yesterday.

you can download testing iso , see link

Helps to actually link what you’re talking about for those that do not know. :wink:

That would be the Release Review ISOs that are based on the stable branch:

Those are clearly marked as developer images which are based on the unstable branch.

I did something similar a while back replacing one AMD with another AMD - no issues what-so-ever.

What are you trying to do?

You don’t have to reinstall the system when switching GPU?

I wanted to install Manjaro. I installed a new Radeon card before attempting boot from the ISO. The ISO failed to boot with the newer Radeon card installed. I replaced the the new Radeon card with the old, and the ISO would boot.

Subsequently, I installed Manjaro, and then changed to the lastest 6.4 kernel. Then swapped the new card for the old. And it boots with the new card fine.


Great - I was was going to suggest an ISO with linux 6.4 - but did a nice work-around the issue.

Well, I downloaded what I found on the Manjaro website…

How does one find an ISO with 6.4?

There is no official ISO with linux 6.4 yet. So it would be an unofficial help build I would have offered you to download from my web.


I guess since it’s working at this point I don’t need the ISO.

I am now trying to figure out what Radeon drivers will allow me to use the GPU with Blender…unsuccessful so far. If you have any insight there I’d be grateful.

You shouldn’t need any drivers - all is provided by amdgpu kernel driver

This apparently not the case, since in Blender I can’t select the gpu for rendering.

There is some gotcha around GPU rendering.

sudo pacman -Syu base-devel git --needed
git clone
cd amdgpu-pro-installer
makepkg -is