Manjaro 22-02 Khadas VIM3

trying to get Manjaro 22-02 working on my VIM3.
Installed manjaro-arm-installer (MAI) on my manjaro x86 laptop.

Used MAI to install manjaro to an sdcard - booted the sdcard on the vim3 and Manjaro 22-02 runs perfectly. I used the ARM image from the manjaro site.

2 questions that I need assitance with:

  1. How do I update the uboot on the eMMC on the vim3? DO I need to do this?
  2. How do I get Manjaro 22-02 on to the eMMC? can I just dd the .img to the eMMC?

Once I work this out I will work on a HowTo.


ok - got the Khadas VIM3 working on Manjaro 22-02.

  1. Create a SDCARD using etcher or similar using the vim3 image from the Manjaro site
    1a. I found a very cool python script that runs in a gui ( manjaro-arm-flasher)
    1b. There is a manjaro package that can be installed via pacman “manjaro-arm-installer”

  2. Boot the SDCARD in the VIM3 - use “keys mode”

  • Power on VIM3.
  • Long press the POWER key without releasing it.
  • Short press the ‘Reset’ key and release it.
  • Count for 2 to 3 seconds, then release the POWER key to enter into Upgrade Mode. You will see the sys-led turn ON when you’ve entered Upgrade Mode.
  1. I run “lsblk” to see what drive is being used.
  2. Install manjaro-arm-flasher on the sdcard and execute the python script
  3. You can now install the new manjaro 22-02 to the eMMC

once installed - remove the sdcard and the VIM3 boots into the new Manjaro - I had to use the gui to complete the new set up.

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