Manjaro 21.3 Ruah released!

Manjaro for Japanese Users

For more information
(Japanese information)
Manjaro Linux Live Environments for Japanese Users

except for CJK input-methods, what else can be done for Japanese Users? adobe-source-han-sans (源ノ角ゴシック) is supposed to be installed by default.

By the way, installing input-methods depending on location by default is good.

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Will this finally fix the scaling issue (can’t set scaling % per monitor, only for all screens) in the KDE version?

For people wanting to fine-tune their monitors, the Display & Monitor section now shows the scale factor used for each screen as well as their proper physical resolution.

… that is what you can read in the announcement of 5.24.

I see KDE didn’t fix it so one can use a lower than 100 setting if needed like you can in Windows. You know if this is still valid? Thanks

Where do you get these codenames from?

Those are Star Trek planets.


Nice…that explains the banner theming

May I ask, what software did you guys use to compose the banner?

Is a blender and inkscape workflow … Nothing very fancy.

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It looks professional though, are you the one who made it?

Hey guys! Great job on Ruah! Just wanted to let you guys know that when you try to install something to add to your appearance (widgets, icons, Plasma themes, etc.) it doesn’t work and instead says an error about “number of concurrent streams”- please put this on the priority list for the next update because many people including me cannot deal with this. Thank you so much!

Please search the forum cause the issue has been well known. Looks like with the Plasma 5.25.1 point release it’s solved for the most part.

Thanks to the community this update as I my Laptop is back to normal after intermittent lagging

…is like Rowling Release (magic)

The install of Kde 21.3 froze on me. It just got stuck half way through.

I had downloaded the Kde 21.3 Iso and installed it on a proper functioning usb stick. Tried to install it, but ufortunately no luck.

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You do know there are daily ISO’s available?

Can’t boot.the iso via Usb pendrive


Failed to start Authorization Manager

My bad, its a problem with a previous installation, solved deleting the partition.