Manjaro 21.2rc1

I thought that only stable versions of iso make it to the Manjaro Download. Is 21.2rc1 the same as 21.2pre1 ? I have a fully updated system and have no need to download a new iso. I was just curious about the naming process :smile:

No, 21.2rc is newer than 21.2pre1. There have been some changes to ─ among other things ─ Calamares, the installer.

Oh ok ! Thanks for the quick response :smile:

One more thing ! Is 21.2rc1 a version from the stable branch ?

RC as in Release Candidate just notice the user that the ISO is not the final release of the Install Media of Qonos. Manjaro it self is Rolling, so what we push to stable branch gets added to your local install regardless of which Install Media you have used. And we pushed Qonos a while ago to our stable branch. All ISOs added to our download page are based on stable branch anyway.

So if you get 21.1.6 ISO and update you will end up with 21.2rc1.


Thank you for clarifying :grin:

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