Manjaro 21.1 Pahvo Release is near

But the normal iso is disabled by default,sure maybe you can disable it in the minimal iso by default but not on the normal iso.

I installed the minimal ISO. matray was easy to remove from the autostart.

I installed the “manjaro-kde-21.1-stable-staging-210815-linux513” iso. I get eerror when installed packages.

ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link

ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link
pamac install gimp                                                                   ✔ 
Synchronizing package databases...
Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...

To install (19):
  babl              0.1.86-1        (Required By: gimp)  extra      315.1 kB
  libspiro          1:20200505-2    (Required By: gimp)  extra      17.2 kB
  libgexiv2         0.12.3-1        (Required By: gimp)  community  114.5 kB
  luajit            2.0.5-3         (Required By: gimp)  community  308.0 kB
  lensfun           0.3.95-4        (Required By: gimp)  extra      357.5 kB
  metis             5.1.0.p10-2     (Required By: gimp)  extra      170.7 kB
  blas              3.10.0-1        (Required By: gimp)  extra      128.8 kB
  lapack            3.10.0-1        (Required By: gimp)  extra      2.5 MB
  tbb               2020.3-1        (Required By: gimp)  extra      402.8 kB
  suitesparse       5.10.1-1        (Required By: gimp)  extra      1.1 MB
  gegl              0.4.30-6        (Required By: gimp)  extra      2.2 MB
  libmypaint        1.6.1-1         (Required By: gimp)  extra      237.2 kB
  libwmf            0.2.12-2        (Required By: gimp)  extra      1.9 MB
  mypaint-brushes1  1.3.1-1         (Required By: gimp)  extra      1.4 MB
  gtk2              2.24.33-2       (Required By: gimp)  extra      6.2 MB
  netpbm            10.73.36-1      (Required By: gimp)  extra      1.9 MB
  gts       (Required By: gimp)  extra      216.0 kB
  graphviz          2.48.0-2        (Required By: gimp)  extra      4.0 MB
  gimp              2.10.24-6                            extra      21.0 MB

Total download size: 44.5 MB
Total installed size: 213.6 MB

Apply transaction ? [y/N] y
Download of lensfun (0.3.95-4) started                                                              
Download of libspiro (1:20200505-2) started                                                         
Download of libspiro (1:20200505-2) finished                                                        
Download of babl (0.1.86-1) started                                                                 
Download of lensfun (0.3.95-4) finished                                                             
Download of babl (0.1.86-1) finished                                                                
Download of blas (3.10.0-1) started                                                                 
Download of tbb (2020.3-1) started                                                                  
Download of blas (3.10.0-1) finished                                                                
Download of tbb (2020.3-1) finished                                                                 
Download of libgexiv2 (0.12.3-1) started                                                            
Download of luajit (2.0.5-3) started                                                                
Download of luajit (2.0.5-3) finished                                                               
Download of libgexiv2 (0.12.3-1) finished                                                           
Download of metis (5.1.0.p10-2) started                                                             
Download of lapack (3.10.0-1) started                                                               
Download of metis (5.1.0.p10-2) finished                                                            
Download of suitesparse (5.10.1-1) started                                                          
Download of suitesparse (5.10.1-1) finished                                                         
Download of netpbm (10.73.36-1) started                                                             
Download of lapack (3.10.0-1) finished                                                              
Download of gts ( started                                                            
Download of gts ( finished                                                           
Download of gegl (0.4.30-6) started                                                                 
Download of netpbm (10.73.36-1) finished                                                            
Download of libwmf (0.2.12-2) started                                                               
Download of gegl (0.4.30-6) finished                                                                
Download of mypaint-brushes1 (1.3.1-1) started                                                      
Download of libwmf (0.2.12-2) finished                                                              
Download of mypaint-brushes1 (1.3.1-1) finished                                                     
Download of gtk2 (2.24.33-2) started                                                                
Download of libmypaint (1.6.1-1) started                                                            
Download of libmypaint (1.6.1-1) finished                                                           
Download of graphviz (2.48.0-2) started                                                             
Download of graphviz (2.48.0-2) finished                                                            
Download of gimp (2.10.24-6) started                                                                
Download of gtk2 (2.24.33-2) finished                                                               
Download of gimp (2.10.24-6) finished                                                               
Checking keyring...                                                                          [19/19]
Checking integrity...                                                                        [19/19]
Loading packages files...                                                                    [19/19]
Checking file conflicts...                                                                   [19/19]
Checking available disk space...                                                             [19/19]
Installing lensfun (0.3.95-4)...                                                              [1/19]
Installing libspiro (1:20200505-2)...                                                         [2/19]
Installing tbb (2020.3-1)...                                                                  [3/19]
Installing babl (0.1.86-1)...                                                                 [4/19]
Installing blas (3.10.0-1)...                                                                 [5/19]
Installing libgexiv2 (0.12.3-1)...                                                            [6/19]
Installing luajit (2.0.5-3)...                                                                [7/19]
Installing metis (5.1.0.p10-2)...                                                             [8/19]
Installing lapack (3.10.0-1)...                                                               [9/19]
Installing suitesparse (5.10.1-1)...                                                         [10/19]
Installing gegl (0.4.30-6)...                                                                [11/19]
Installing netpbm (10.73.36-1)...                                                            [12/19]
Installing gts (                                                           [13/19]
Installing libmypaint (1.6.1-1)...                                                           [14/19]
Installing libwmf (0.2.12-2)...                                                              [15/19]
Installing mypaint-brushes1 (1.3.1-1)...                                                     [16/19]
Installing gtk2 (2.24.33-2)...                                                               [17/19]
Installing graphviz (2.48.0-2)...                                                            [18/19]
Installing gimp (2.10.24-6)...                                                               [19/19]
ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link

ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link

Running post-transaction hooks...
Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate...                                                                 [1/7]
Refreshing PackageKit...                                                                       [2/7]
Warn about old perl modules                                                                    [3/7]
Probing GDK-Pixbuf loader modules...                                                           [4/7]
Probing GTK2 input method modules...                                                           [5/7]
Updating icon theme caches...                                                                  [6/7]
Updating the desktop file MIME type cache...                                                   [7/7]
Transaction successfully finished.

Super minimal thingie pacman -Sy yay brings up the “AUR detecetd … blah” GTK dialog. Don’t click cancel, but OK and the next dialog has “gtk_ok” on the ok button. not even sure if that’s a manjaro thing …
Screenshot from 2021-08-17 09-59-18Screenshot from 2021-08-17 09-59-32

GTK is :ok: :laughing:

You can submit an issue for Pamac here:

Issues · Applications / pamac · GitLab

It’s easy for the developers to see and keep track of issues there.

EDIT: Might want to mention the yaourt bit, too. That’s long deprecated and insecure.

EDIT: That’s manjaro-aur-support, not Pamac. See Phil’s response below.

“Jaja, double holds betta” :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll try that. Good night :first_quarter_moon:
EDIT: Thanks for the hint. Will do as soon as I get rid of the 422 error logging in, something with my OTP. Tomorrow. yyaaaawwwnourt.

That dialog is not part of Pamac. I think @Ste74 introduced it as an additional helper called manjaro-aur-support to the Gnome edition.

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With those great news about choosing btrfs for swap, is it also available to choose btrfs for the whole system on calamares while performing a fresh install? Thanks for the great work!

I think that is actually the other way around. You can select BTRFS as file system, and it works with SWAP file.

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What is matray used for ?

I use XFS as / partitionwith manjaro, so cool and so fast.
but have to be done manually and not so difficult to do.
happy to see there is another XFS Lover in town

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I’m currently running the stable-staging and i’m pretty happy with it.
But i’d love to see Manjaro put some more attention to stuffs like

  • Sharing Folders on LAN
    Well there are was ways to do that all over the internet but those are so complicated when we often have no time for that “samba here, samba there etc.”
    Please make as easy as a click is so we can stop being rejected by mate at work or in our Home office LAN for both Plasma and Gnome (because those are the biggest player in town).
    Thanks Phil, Thanks team!
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Does the btrfs installation includes compression by default or it has to be done manually?


Plasma already has a one click share button,if you right click on the folder and go to sharing tab.

You can also install warpinator or nitroshare applications to share folder over LAN.

I doubt that Calamares supports this so has to be done manually.

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It shows new announcements on forum as notifications and allows quick access to the corresponding thread to check if there are some expected problems or manual intervention needed.

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I made some tests with the Manjaro 21.1 KDE minimal ISO.

Installation of Manjaro: OK.
Installation of some software: OK.
Installation of Global themes: OK.
Installation of other menu (launchpad menu): OK.
Maytray error → I disabled Maytray.
Use Dolphin: OK.

By default, it is X11 who is used. Now, I want to switch to Wayland. How to do that ?
Is Optimus technology is taken in account by Wayland now ? I’ve got a laptop with the Optimus technology.


As far as I know it is still in a technical preview state (google KDE Wayland). Nvidia on top of that is multiplying the issues. Try it for yourself you’ll see what works.

Search KDE enable Wayland on the forum.